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  1. Captain Clark thanks for your perspective. Did you have to do the loading gate fix everyone is talking about? Who makes the '66 that you like?
  2. Rance thanks for that...knowing there's a common fix for that '66 gate issue makes it tempting to go that route!
  3. Thanks everyone. Confirmed some of the things I have heard before (1873 is the way to go and the Henrys not being a great choice for cowboy action). I also keep hearing about potential issues popping up with the 1866 yellow boy option. I sure do love the brass look of the Henry and 1866, though!
  4. Hi All- I'm looking to make that next big purchase for my rig and would like to get some advice on the lever gun choices. Any thoughts about a Henry like the Big Boy Classic vs. an 1866 yellowboy or 1873 from say, Uberti? Thanks, Kid Cali
  5. Another option I would have never known about...thanks. I'm assuming better to go with the 20" barrel coach version and not the 28" barrel?
  6. Thanks...good advice!
  7. I'll take a look. Never even heard of SKB but then again that's why I'm asking people for recommendations. Is there a specific model you can point me to?
  8. Somewhere around $1000, probably max $1200 ideally.
  9. I would be shooting cowboy/duelist, and ultimately i would like to shoot competitively. As I mentioned in another reply, it seems like a lot of people recommend the CZ.
  10. I'm hearing a lot of people mention the CZ. Sounds like a good way to go and a step up in quality compared to the Stoeger.
  11. I don't remember the make/model as it was some time ago but i know i was shooting the classic coach gun - side-by-side 12 gauge with hammers and double trigger.
  12. I actually don't even remember which make/model I shot with. It seems to me though that it would be much better to get something with a single trigger instead of double trigger.
  13. I have actually attended a shoot and done a live fire.
  14. Hi All - I'm just starting to build out my rig and the next purchase (after getting my hands soon on a pair of nickel Uberti short stroke SASS Pros) will probably be a shotgun. I have heard both Stoeger and CZ as good coach guns to begin with. I don't think I will go the pump shotgun route, at least at this point. Any other options I should be looking at? Thanks in advance for your help! -Kid Cali
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