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  1. Hell yeah, love the shopkeeper ROA. Here's mine:
  2. Yeah I went to Cabelas/Bass Pro, they don't have them. Boo....
  3. Seem to be out of stock atm... anyone see them anywhere used? Doesn't have to be pretty, beat up is fine. thanks!
  4. Has anyone successfully installed a 45LC cylinder for the Lyman New Model Army .44? Weren't these just Uberti productions? thanks!
  5. Just tryin to save someone a few bucks! I've never ordered from them. My uncle sent me their ads
  6. $599 from $974 Damn...if I didn't just blow my wad on a SS Blackhawk I would jump on this! https://www.cdnnsports.com/rugerr-vaqueror-stainless-357mag-talo.html
  7. I'll take one of those 22LR konverters per our conversation. thanks!
  8. Think I found it! https://www.gunauction.com/buy/13031332 thanks guys!
  9. Make: Continental Model: Pocket Revolver Caliber: unmarked Info: Along the top of the barrel all is says is Continental and then there is the number 2 after it. on the buttom of the grip its stamped 4850. It looks like there may have been some markings on the right side of the frame in front of the cylinder but its illegible. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks!
  10. I saw that, pricey indeed. But when was the last time these were produced widely? 100 years ago?
  11. Does anyone know when they went out of commercial production? thanks
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