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  1. Brand new. Still in the original plastic wrap. I purchased these for my Uberti Frisco, but sold the Frisco. These are charcoal blue, not regular blued. See photos for all screws and springs included in the kit. $50 shipped.
  2. I just measured to double check, and that is correct. It is 39 inches from the end of the belt buckle to the center hole. So room for adjustments up and down
  3. Uberti’s website lists them as simulated pearl and $209, but out of stock.
  4. Real pearl? Or real Uberti grips? To my knowledge they are faux pearl. They came on my Cattleman/Frisco directly from Uberti.
  5. Everything you need to get into CAS minus the firearms at a much cheaper price than buying new. Size 39” gun belt. Dual strong side holsters with upgraded silver dollars instead of diamonds. Fit Colt SAAs, SAA clones, or New Vaqueros. 38/357 belt mounted spare ammo holder. SASS badge holder. Antler screw knife and sheath. Size 38” shotgun ammo belt. 38/357 ammo staging/loading strip. This entire setup costs over $800 new not counting shipping/taxes ($600 for the kit, $180 for the knife and sheath, $30 for the added belt bullet slide, and an up-charge for the silver dollars) and it takes 12-14 weeks to be made. Everything pictured here is barely used. It only saw some light draw practice. I’m selling it all for $550 shipped in the U.S.
  6. These came off of my Uberti Frisco. They’re in excellent condition. $125 shipped in the U.S. SOLD
  7. I purchased these grips for a pair of revolvers, but ended up selling the revolvers before installing them. They are brand new. They are for Ubertis, Cimarrons, Taylors, EMFs, etc. Each set sells new for $89.95 plus shipping, or $179.90 plus shipping for a pair. I’m asking only $130 shipped in the US. My loss, your gain.
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