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  1. Taylor’s and Company 1873 single action army. .357 magnum with a 4.75” barrel, blued finish, and hand fitted buffalo horn grips. Only 25 rounds fired through it! It’s basically brand new! It’s in amazing shape and there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Comes in the original box and the factory wood grips are included. I’m only selling so I can fund a different toy. The grips were done by Hillbilly Grips. ***$625*** I am also able to ship for an additional $50.
  2. Thank you for clearing that up! So it’s all of the models with a spring loaded base pin instead of a screw which are three click now it sounds?
  3. They are the three click models. I could be wrong but I don’t believe Uberti makes the four click models any longer, only Pieta.
  4. Each is a Taylors and Company model 1873. Each has a 4.75" barrel and is chambered in .357 magnum. Only 25 rounds have been fired through each one. I purchased them new and immediately sent them out to have custom grips made. The grips are one piece buffalo horn (on the case hardened revolver) and giraffe bone (on the nickel revolver). They were both hand made and custom fitted to their respective grip frames. Hillbilly Grips in Kentucky made them. I intended to use these as a sort of night and day, black and white theme but found a pair of smoke wagon’s for a good price that I have decided to run instead. These are truly eye catching firearms that are basically brand new for all intents and purposes. The original wood grips are also included with each pistol. The revolvers were purchased in May for $1100 and the grips cost $475 plus a three month wait to be made. Asking $725 for the nickel/giraffe revolver and $625 for the case hardened/buffalo revolver
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