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  1. 42.5 to the first hole. Id be afraid that it would be too big. Im a 44 pant and its just a smidge too small.
  2. Brand new, excellent craftsmanship. Never been worn other than around the house. Belt is lined, stiff, and silver roller buckle. My loss your gain. Measures out middle hole at 46". Probably pants size around 38-40-42 One gun belt, no holsters. $150 shipped
  3. Truth. I killed a big wall hanger in South Carolina, tasted like crap. He had some nice tusks though! The smaller sows are the best. There is a place in West Virginia, Mountain Meadows Hunting Preserve, its a fenced in hunt, they have several lots 200-500 acres depening on what you want to hunt. Nice accomodations and honestly, you dont really realize you are in a fence when its 200 acres. Nice hogs in there. Resonable price too. They can process the meat before you leave too. Which is nice for travel.
  4. This is true. I work on Saturdays at a gun store. Its AMAZING the number of new gun owners. I also teach CCW classes, and they are all full, and we are putting more on the books to accomodate everyone. This new gun owner thing in another large reason there is an ammo shortage.
  5. Heck no. The only thing she knows how to do "farm" is pet her 5 donks. Shes needs to stay away from my saddle. ha! Warm water, sponge and Murphys Oil Soap. Towel dry and I use this afterwards. Its good stuff.
  6. Had to clean my saddle today and wanted to put it up, and the guy who made my leather wanted some pics, so I combined the two.
  7. I work at a gun store part time (every Sat) and am a CCW instructor in NC. Lots of solid ideas here. best advice is "let them shoot/hold several" before they just buy one. Many folks have seen FB posts from our gun shop and absolutely HAVE to have "that "x" that I saw on the internets cause it was Tiffany Blue/Purple/Pink". Til they hold it, and they dont like it. We keep a stable of the Glocks, Sccy, Ruger, S&W. First I ask what their budget is, then preference of SA or revolver, then caliber (and why). Then put several out in their price range. Let them pick them up and see what fits. Most of the time the gun chooses them. On the revolver situation, Hornady makes Critical Defense in "Lite" , and they also make it in 9mm as well. Ive shot a few pistols during class with them , just to try them, and they are much tamer than other options. My take on what CCW: low budget $200-300: Sccy 9mm/.380, Ruger LCP in .22 mag, Ruger EC9 mid grade300-400: S&W 9mm/.380EZ series (bigger, but manageable with people with poor grip strength. High end$400-600: Glock 42/43 or Sig 365
  8. Crap, meant to put a tape beside it. Let me do that when I get home this evening. Sorry. Brain fart.
  9. Like new. Hardly worn. Nice finished Mahogony color. 30 .45 Colt belt loops. It appears to be a belt for right strong side only. new off Galco site, 139.00. Lets do $100 shipped.
  10. Im a concealed carry instructor. In North Carolina. The mandate specifically states here: that a mask is not to be worn for the means to conceal ones identity (in play if you are doing an armed robbery) . There is also another statute that states: mask wearing is fine everywhere while during a pandemic and to reduce issues with public health. The Book of Faces blew up about this two months ago. The dumb is strong in the world. But yeah, im in the "concealed is concealed" camp.
  11. I go out to mow the yard....and THIS happens. (yells in "I missed ANOTHER nice shotgun) You people need jobs.
  12. Ill take 1 and 4 (unless Jasper wants 4, he seemed interested ) If Jasper wants 4, Ill take 1 and 6. Let me know where to send the moolah. I have paypal.
  13. So I joined SASS twoish months ago. I currently shoot a couple of tactical matches that fit in with my line of work, and wanted to give "cowboy 3 gun" a chance (I know the old timers cringed when I said that). I live on a farm and like all things old fashioned. I appreciate the rules (can we please do muzzle down? haha) and the dress and the camaraderie. I drug my girlfreind with me to a match last month in Statesville, NC and they were more than glad to get me into the fray. and I bet 18-20 people came up to talk to us and say hello and offer tips and tricks. A wonderful experiance. In all seriousness, THIS is how you keep SASS alive if you can get the people TO the match. Therein lies the issue. Ive purchased several pieces of my outfit from members here, some sweet pistols from a member here, and getting a Marlin 94 slicked up from a forum sponsor. Got gun leather finishing up tomorrow from Red Cent leather. So, this place is a wealth of information from a new persons perspective. And everyone has been very helpful when questions arise. I do see some "spicy" debate from some of the older longer standing menbers here about topics, and see the passion in the details of all that is SASS. Coyote Mike came from the fact I work with a bunch of guys at a gun shop part time that are pretty serious yote hunters, and one of them even has a baby yote (my profile pic). They are pretty scrappy animals and do what they need to to survive. I just finished my MBA last month and now I can have some fun vs. writing papers.
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