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  1. Selling off some ammunition that I won't use anymore. Some of this factory ammunition is 20+ years old. USPMO or personal check only please - no PayPal, cyber currency, etc. You can buy everything for $350.00 and I will pay shipping. .380 ACP (non-SASS) $65.00 Federal Premium 90 gr HYDRA-SHOK jacketed hollow point, 20 rnds, Speer Gold Dot 90 gr GDHP jacketed hollow point, 20 rnds, Mixed box of 50 rounds 95 gr FMJ, 20 rnds R-P, 30 rnds CBC Magtech, 50 rnds total .45-70 Govt $75.00 PMC 405 gr Lead Flat Point, 48 rnds Two full boxes of 20 rnds, one box with 8 loaded rnds, 12 fired cases .45 Colt Remington 225 gr Lead Semi-Wadcutter, 135 rnds $110.00 Two full boxes of 50 rnds, one box with 35 loaded rnds, 15 fired cases Federal 225 gr Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point, 50 rnds $40.00 Cor-Bon US Cavalry reproduction Ammunition 250 grain LRN, 96 rnds $75.00 Wooden box with 8 packs of 12 rnds each, labeled “US Cavalry Reproduction Ammunition is loaded to give the realistic smoke and kaboom of the historic loads of the Old West. Use only in guns in good condition chambered by the manufacturer for this caliber. Careful cleaning of the gun is recommended.” I emailed Cor-Bon customer service to ask what this was and got the following reply: ************ It’s pretty old. We haven’t loaded that Ammo for over 20 years. It was loaded with a synthetic black powder. It was loaded to be safe in all guns in that caliber. Thank you, Corbon Customer Service ************ I also have some handloads that would be separate from this deal. They could be bought to salvage the components.
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