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  1. I just ordered some of those paper shot cups to test out alongside the plastic modified cups I talked about, but I should've mentioned earlier on that I'm planning to go see a friend up north and hunt waterfowl, so The cups are necessary for non toxic shot, and even though there's ALOT of good factory waterfowl ammo out there, I've reloaded for so long I feel more comfortable shooting my own reloads, so the shot cup issue i started with seems to be solved, now any good load suggestions for waterfowl in brass shotshells? And also would it be best to invest in the CH4D 12 gauge die set, I'm currently using the RCBS die set
  2. So I'm currently playing around with loading 12 gauge magtech brass, and I've already been successful with 50 rounds, my current formula is the (I assume) standard 3 drams BP (or BP substitute) followed by a nitro card, a fiber wad, 3 drams of birdshot, another fiber wad and an overshot card. (patterns very well) i was wondering if anyone has tried cutting the piston off of a plastic wad and using the shot cup to cut down on leading in the barrel (50 rounds has shown a few light streaks) , also to safely shoot steel shot. so the load to test will go 3 drams BP, nitro card, fiber wad, plastic cup, fiber wad and an overshot card. any concerns, issues, notes/personal experience is very much appreciated. thank you. (also this is my first post, so go easy on me if I'm posting in the wrong area or if I didn't go about something right)
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