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  1. I have to say Chiappa is a very nice lever action shotgun. In matter of fact, your collection is very cool as well. Have a good one.
  2. I read that by smoothing the action would improve the performance of the PW-87. Thus, due to finances I figured that would be my first step. Furthermore, I figure in a couple of months I can save the $300.00 dollars to have the drop 2 mod done. I do have a question," Does the drop 2 mod negate using the shotgun shells out of the shotgun tube?" In addition to that, I have also seen the ultimate mod for the 1887 clone on Coyote Cap`s website. I guess this mod would cost maybe $500-$800.00? dollars and probably only a handful of people are capable of doing that. Check it out. Hopefully in the near future I can get my gun back so i can do some target shooting wit my RST 2.5 inch shells. Lastly, I figure in time and practice that you will improve the speed on shooting that cool shotgun. Finally, I appreciate your comments and your input. Thank you.
  3. I appreciate the contact info. Thank you. I like that the price is fair thus I will have to give him a call.
  4. Hello. I heard that I should contact Mr. Lassiter since he is the go to guy for shotguns. The drop 2 mod on top of the Chiappa cost is expensive and that is true. I figured the cost of the drop 2 would be over $200.00. In matter of fact, I bought a PW-87 in May of this year. At that point I took my shotgun to a gunsmith to have the action smoothed up. Due to the virus there has a large backlog of work, thus I am still waiting for the work to get done. I am hoping to get my shotgun back maybe in October 2020. Eventually I will get the made in China removed and re-blued. Finally, your PW-87 with the drop 2 mod is cool. I bet you make those shells fly at the cowboy matches. I appreciate the info. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I did find one for 1100.00 dollars however, not in stock. I can contact Mr. Lassiter to see on what he is charging for a lever action shotgun. Thank you for answer ing my questions.
  6. Thank you for the info. I will take a look. Have a good one.
  7. Is the Chiappa Lever action shotgun made in Italy? In addition to that, " Where can I buy a new Chiappa shotgun for the cheapest price? " I realize that most places that sell this gun and others guns will be out of stock. Finally, any help will be highly appreciated! Thank you.
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