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  1. I hurt my weak hand. Got through last night OK, fitted a brace this morning. Should have taken an ibuprofen this morning too. Will tonight and again in the morning. Figure on getting a good sense of how bad it is on Tuesday morning, that will be past the 3 day typical swelling. Expect at least 3 weeks of light duty. So I was not able to join the BUG gun competition today, at the same range. But my lady could! I went with her to provide moral support and take video of her on the stages. Except for a P, she was clean for the match and came in 8th o
  2. Excellent class taught by a veteran of Israeli Special Forces. Basically, fighting with a pistol when the adversary is totally committed to the deed at hand. Under stress, with movement, changing conditions, malfunctions, etc. Very different from the class I took from retired FBI agents due to the nature of their threat experience. I will take a tactical rifle class from the FBI guys in the future, but now plan to take room clearing from this new instructor. And I sprained my wrist... And I'm sure you want that story... Well, the morning started
  3. If they don't get sold out at the shoot, put me down for one ticket. Assuming there will be time to make payment and get in the basket.
  4. If the 100% gluten-free corn tortilla is heated on the same grill as the wheat tortillas, it is no longer gluten-free. Preparing gluten-free food requires extremely strict isolation. The smallest cross-contamination can result in hospitalization. Celiac disease is a serious zero-tolerance disease, and most food preparers just don't get it. Glad I do not have that disease.
  5. I just got my very own Official Joe Biden 'Support The Firearms Industry' Stimulus Program check today! And I'm sure he gets briefed on the NICS numbers.
  6. IANAL, but from: https://caligunner.com/california-ammunition-laws/
  7. Kodiak! No reason to fear a photograph of a bear.
  8. Good article, I just think of myself more as a badger than a sheepdog.
  9. Portland Oregon. Portland has an arts tax. $35 per person per year. Public works of art have been shown to reduce crime. The Portland police department has over 200 unfunded openings. Half of the arts tax would completely fund all of the openings, along with support staff, vehicles, equipment, training, everything needed by the police department. Those 200 officers would have a much bigger impact on crime than public works of art IMO. Of course, Portland residents also believe they do not have a homeless problem, they have a homeless issue. And t
  10. Continuity of threads is the reason mosts sites do not allow post self-deletion. Editing window varies on different sites, almost all give some window to edit posts. This ranges from a few minutes to days, and some sites allow it "forever." There are reasons for each philosophy.
  11. Non-GunBroker pricing (if still in stock, per Ammoseek) is 19 cents each, plus sales tax and shipping, on sale with no hazmat fee. A little over a year ago, I was buying 9mm ammo for less than that per round in my hands. 16 cents each is not a bad price today. If I needed them and they were local, I would not feel bad about taking this offer. Sure, a nickel each would be better; but this is still not GunBroker auction pricing, it is below current retail. And he has them!
  12. He posted a SASS number in the second thread he started. Yeah... First posts are to sell primers. Way to make a entrance! So, is the SASS number in the second thread legit? IDK. Was the IP address from a reasonable place? IDK. But the other thanks thread might have gone poof because it was in the wrong place, or because the source under discussion is under review. Yes, hackles can go up in these times with that product from a new poster. Setting aside how to ship... Expect this thread to go poof too. If the pos
  13. You have the documentation to ship primers? From UPS.com (my bold): https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/packaging-and-supplies/special-care-shipments/hazardous-materials/shipping-ammunition.page Primers come under "other allowable ammunition, contractual means jumping through a lot of hoops with training and certification to establish a contractual basis. But no doubt you can sell them F2F local to you!
  14. Dessert? What about finding out other kids get cake once a year on their birthday?
  15. And that's what started the gunfight!
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