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  1. I broke my ankle this spring requiring extensive reconstructive surgery. When I finally was well enough to attempt to shoot a match I found that my lace up boots caused LESS pain than my athletic shoes simply due to the greater support provided.


    Was I sore and worn out at the end of the day, did I receive substantial help moving and staging long guns? Yes to both! But also I was once again able, albeit slower, to once again start doing something I have come to enjoy. I still have a long way to even get back to the stage times I was able to obtain prior to my accident but I'll keep plugging away at it trying to improve.

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  2. On 10/28/2021 at 10:39 AM, Ranger Dan said:

    Is your rifle a "pistol grip"? The picture of the "stock" lever appears to be slightly bent to fit the pistol grip version. The AS5 lever is completely straight, as if for a straight stock version. May be why it does not fit your rifle.

    He said the curved lever was a spare he had in his drawer. He only used it for illustration purposes because he didn't want to tear down his rifle just for a picture.

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  3. I have an Uberti SASS Pro .45 stainless with 4.75" barrel and lowered short stroked hammer.

    The hammer is my problem. It has never worked correctly as it has that new fangled safety firing pin arrangement.

    I want to replace it with a fixed firing pin hammer and trigger set. I see regular hammers listed for replacement but have been unable to find a stainless lowered short stroke one.

    Can anyone point me to a source so I can get this up and running correctly?



  4. Here is my set I won made by our local leather maker. I was going to post his web site but he is wanting to slow down and took his page down.


    I had him make me 2 strong side and a cross draw holster so they all matched.


    My alias is stamped in the billet going around the back.


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  5. Received my 6 loading blocks today. 3 each .38 and .45.  Really quick turnaround from the time he said he would get started until I received them. They were everything they have been described. I had him use similar but slightly different borders on the different caliber blocks and he got my full alias on them as well. Looking forward to when I can have him make me 3 more of each caliber so I will be able to set up ammo for a full 6 stage day.



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