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  1. Do you also use black powder as well?
  2. oh I understand. It just that I don't want it badly enough to pay that much for it. perhaps one day. For now, I'm happy with the clone I have
  3. if only they weren't so darn pricey!
  4. I actually did get a C&R last year. My interests are quite diverse and that's how I got my Luger P08 A C&R is a lovely thing to have. It practically pays for itself! Do you shoot at Harvard Sportsman?
  5. Thank you all for the info! Through my research I did read about the advantage of the slightly bottle-necked cartridges. And considering historical aspects, I would have much preferred the 44/40. The reason I specifically mentioned 45 colt is because that's what my SAA clone is in. Many might not be aware, but in MA we have some weird laws. FFLs in MA cannot sell or transfer you a pistol/revolver unless its specifically mentioned in the MA approved firearms list. This does not make unlisted pistols/revolvers illegal though. The only SAA clones currently on the list are Ruger Vaqueros and Blackhawks, of which only 44/40 is approved only in Blackhawks. The only way around this is through personal transfers from people who moved into the state with firearms not listed. So when I saw an Uberti SAA clone for sale locally I jumped on it. I got it through historical interests, not to use it in matches, so the 4 clicks and a more correct rear sight was important to me. So unless someone in MA wants to trade with me their 44/40 SAA clone, I have to stick with 45 colt for now.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm not a cowboy but I got a hold of a Uberti made SAA clone (very rare in MA since FFL can't sell them here) and about to get a Taylor's Winchester 1873 clone with an 20" barrel. Both 45 colt. I'm a black powder shooter and I'd like to shoot them in black powder as well, so I'm looking for a bullet that will have large lube grooves to keep the fouling soft and bullet heavy enough so that a compressed charged would reduce blowback. I did some lurking around here and I have three candidates. NOE 454-241 BigLube PRS 45 Cal 250 grain BigLube DD-ROA FLAT 210 grain It would be great if I can use the same bullet for smokeless 45 ACP 1911 as well. So I was leaning towards the 210 grain BigLube, but I wasn't sure if the weight difference was going to affect blowback. Anyone have experience with any of them? thanks!
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