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  1. Wyatt, I really don’t need these but would go $250 for set to hang on the wall for display, Someone must need them for a B western rig. Marshal Chance Taker
  2. Questioned that myself as the three hundred head looked like maybe a hundred, the glue factory prices are stronger than that. $15k is not worth the risk and pushups. Cut the family a check and let them free graze on the banks pasture. Other than that, this season is showing good promise. Beth is a tornado for sure!
  3. As the owner of the web address “tohellwiththenfl.com” it says it all will never give an ounce of respect to that organization, it’s members or supporters either financial or other. We no longer have an “All American” sport where young Americans can idolize the heroes that took part in those sports. Another slice of America that has been ripped away.
  4. It’s not a question of white power, it’s not a question of black Americans with conservative views, and it’s not about your center. It’s about responsibility plain and simple, it’s about how far does the playing field have to be tilted before a group will quit claiming foul. It’s not about “white privilege” either, I come from Irish descendants. My grandmother served three years in servitude to come to this country. My mother was called “black Irish” and was shunned by non catholic children. Farther back my Irish family was treated worse than the blacks and the Chinese while working in mines and railroads. On the other side of my heritage is soldiers that fought in the war between the states, and yes for the Union. If your idea of center is accurate this country is in much worse shape than was thought. And 50 years ago those statements were accurate, want to end racial inequality, stop being racist and address the social issues that are directly a product of your own actions.
  5. It is questionable today, just look at the stats it’s not a question of if, it is when. Just the mere suggestion of deserving some sort of retribution payment tells it all. And let’s not forget 95% crime against their own, the rate of recidivism, percentage of blacks receiving social assistance. The civil war ended 155 years ago, their is no one that deserves any retribution payments. The parts of this country that yell racism the loudest and at every opportunity are not only Democrat run states but have black mayors, police chiefs, officers, assemblymen etc.. Black only Universities, NAACP, a sea of social programs for blacks, Black Entertainment TV, quotas for hiring, it goes on and on. And yet every time a non black police officer steps over the line they burn down their neighborhoods. If everything was black it would still be wrong due to white. Unfortunately The Duke was correct then and still is today.
  6. When will it stop, when will these people stop attacking the name on the John Wayne airport and the memorial to a true American legend. Here in the Republic of Washington we have a Marina dedicated to The man that loved the area and frequented it by boat whenever he could. That’s right John Wayne Marina. The first amendment is not a right to free speech instead it is the right to say what others wish to hear. Speak your mind and wait for the retribution, that is unless you are a person of color, Democrat or in a large group of people hell bent on changing, rewriting and destroying America. You know who they are, the ones that proclaim to be Americans while hating everything about America and American values. They hate everything that speaks of our past, our love of god, our freedom, and the Constitution of our country. The honest opinion of an American legend nearly half a century ago must be challenged by these cowards. Erase the name, the likeness, the memory, the legend and then the Republic of California will once again be whole. What you say?
  7. I believe that everyone taking part or following this discussion would agree that it is now more evident than ever we need to change these laws. As an American without the right to defend your property, family, neighbors and yes the family dog using whatever means possible the rest doesn’t mean squat. The criminals carry the weight of the law on their sides while the victims stand alone. Any person that can stand by this misuse of justice allowing our civil rights be trampled by those claiming to be just exercising theirs is simply wired wrong. God help this country and those that will take it back, the rest should sit back and wait to reap the benefits of a Free Nation.
  8. He was a complete crack up, style And class with a touch of comic genius. All of the best are disappearing ahead of us, a dwindling era of true professional entertainers and writers. Unfortunate the fruit of this tree spoiled soon after dropping (All in the family to 0). RIP and celebrated while watching your work.
  9. Reading the responses to this story I have to sit back and say “when is It enough for you”? How far must you be violated before standing your ground? When do you step out and say “this is where it ends”? Trespassing, destruction of property, and many say “turn the other cheek”. I have spent many years wondering why only 3% of alleged Americans were willing to fight for what’s right, today I actually watch it happen. Maybe we do need to defund law enforcement all that is needed is report takers after the crimes are committed. Here is the front door off the hinges, windows broken, dead dog in the hallway and two people assaulted and fighting for their lives. The report takers better write fast as the fireman are loosing the battle. Poor gun handling, aggressive stance, muzzle down range, although not textbook those three percenters stood their ground and said “Enough is enough! Would you ?
  10. I believe we are all simply programmed to believe we are “receiving news” when in fact we are receiving commentary. Any media source that supply’s information without facts and an equal presentation from both sides of the story is not news it’s propaganda. The social destruction and thought control began It’s wrath with 24/7 indoctrination periods rather than 3 time slots per day. Social reprogramming that we fund through our support of products and services offered (forced) upon us constantly. So tune out, turn off and boycott these programs and advertisers, money makes the world go round.
  11. The wranglers slick up pretty well and the single six spring kits work great. Apply the same smoothing and polishing process as the single six and you end up with a pretty decent shooter. Chance
  12. I’m your Huckleberry for the 40’s just send me payment info. Chance
  13. Great article, if all Americans practiced the Duke’s ideals and vision of America the only rules this great country would need is the Ten Commandments and the US Constitution. Simple!
  14. Heck I will add payment for all three and 38’s plus large box, going out today thanks Chance
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