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  1. Looking to see if anyone has a used short stroke kit they'd be willing to part with for a 1873 uberti. Thanks
  2. Yes the extractor is not removing the spent case from the chamber and causing a feeding issue. I've cleaned it and changed different type of brass and bullet weights and removed the extractor and haven't been able to bail down the issue.
  3. I'm new to CAS (less than a year) and am located in AZ. My rifle is a 73 purchased from a gentleman who bought it brand new from pioneer gun works with all their bells and whistles. Lately it has not been extracting cartridges and is jamming up consistently on about every stage. I've done just about everything to resolve the issue with no success. Pioneers website says they do not do general work which I figure this falls under. Any recommendations for a gunsmith I can send it to that can make it dang near bulletproof? Thanks for any input you may have.
  4. With the covid-19 scare and now I'm sure with the political turmoil guns and reloading supplies may never recover to the availability they once were. Cowboy shooting takes a lot of ammunition and if primers and powders can't be had for extended periods of time what's to be done? Use up your supply shooting and hope for the best or limit practice and match participation in hopes one day they be available once again?
  5. Had some mechanical issues at the monthly shoot today with a pistol and it will be down for repair and I'm going to be needing some spares. Anyone interested in trading for a pair of 45lc pistols w/ 4.75" barrels. Thanks
  6. About $1200 I would think at least thats about the value of similar rifles on gunbroker
  7. Looking to start in the long range. I'm short on cash but rich on rifles. I have a nice .270 featherweight winchester model 70 with crf. It has a MOA Nikon black 4-16 non illuminated scope. Looking to see if anyone is interested in trading for a lever action 45-70, preferred with a pistol grip but that isn't a deal breaker. Thanks
  8. If someone would be willing to part with 100+ 45lc starline or cbc brass for a decent prices I'd be willing to pay. Thanks
  9. Thank you for the offer but I'll stick with my original trade interests for the moment
  10. After quite a bit of testing I've learned that my particular firearms perform better with starline and cbc brass. I have about 375 mostly winchester brass with some aguila that I'd like to trade for starline/cbc brass if anyone's interested. Thanks
  11. Looking to see if anyone have a 73 Taylor and co leather butt stock wrap and lever wrap laying around. Preferably the golden colored one. Thanks.
  12. I have a 3.75" birdshead rough rider as well that is being repaired by heritage and when it comes back I will be selling that one as well.
  13. Like new condition, shot very little heritage rough rider 22lr with 22 wmr cylinder. 4.75" barrel. Includes original box, paper work and trigger lock. $170 shipped to your FFL.
  14. About 340 left out of an original 500 box. 205gr .452. $40 shipped. Bullets without box weigh 10.02lbs. math comes out to 342 bullets.
  15. Tried the 45cs out and have decided I'll stay with 45lc. 4 acp Lee die set and 95 45cs once fired brass. $60 shipped.
  16. Thanks I've found one that I feel will be a good one. Please delete post. Thanks for everyone's input, much appreciated.
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