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  1. I know it’s a long shot no pun intended but looking to complete my long rang set up and would like to purchase an 03 Springfield for a fair price. I don’t plan on shooting a whole lot so not looking for one in the greatest of shape. Thanks
  2. I just ordered the whole sleeve kit from nu line and fix it right.Thanks for all the input
  3. My gunsmith can take some material off to tighten it up or he has mentioned the brass shin kits that are sold. Anybody have experience with these methods?
  4. To be more specific the previous owner or gunsmith had filed an additional notch in the sleeve to give it more adjustment. There are no marking as far as letters or number to indicate what sleeve type it is. I know the model 12 has the same type sleeve and don’t know if it would help. They do seem to be more available.
  5. I purchased a model 97 e series takedown trap gun and had my gunsmith look it over, he found the adjustment sleeve to be worn out and in need of replacement. I believe there are different types of sleeves that Winchester made throughout the production of them. Anyone know which one would be the correct one? Thanks
  6. I know it’s been asked a lot, anyone have 2-300 45cs brass they’d be willing to sell? Thanks
  7. Bought this kit with anticipation of obtaining a 650 but the deal fell through and I no longer need it. Selling for what I paid $99 shipped.
  8. Figured I check here before sending them off to get cut or octagonal ones put on. If anyone has omv 45lc stainless 4 5/8" barrels let me know thanks
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