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  1. Must admit that is spectacular!
  2. The Walker is great to fire. I use the pellets as opposed to the actual black powder. When I fire it, I am using the full 60 grains backing up a .454 ball. Needless to say, because of the weight of the gun, 4.5 lbs empty. there is very little recoil. But it is impressive when it goes off.
  3. I don't use indoor ranges anymore because the last time I was firing indoors with a .22 revolver, the guy in the next lane was firing a .454 Casull. The noise was deafening and I had earplugs and muffs on.
  4. Very nice firearm. I tell folks that because I'm an old guy, I have to use a Walker. This is the Walker!
  5. I have fired both my 1851 Navy and my 1847 Walker. Great experience. The thing that really impressed me was when the Walker went off, all the .223s on the range went silent until they found out that it wasn't coming in their direction, whatever it was. Thanks for the info and all of the help I received today from other members.
  6. Based upon what I have learned in the last few minutes, I do agree it is most likely an Armi San Marcos revolver. It appears to have the ASM logo on the side. I have ordered a trigger from GunParts.com but it won't arrive until after this silly lockdown is over. I thank you all for your assistance and because of my interest in BP firearms, am considering joining the SASS. Besides this "paperweight", I also own a Uberti Walker Colt .44, a Navy Arms .44, and a Hawken .50 cal rifle.
  7. I am asking this question as a guest. I recently acquired this replica 1851 BP revolver and am trying to identify the manufacturer. It resembles a Uberti 1851 Navy Arms Replica that I own but neither Uberti nor Pietta claim manufacture. It seems to be a quality manufacture. I would be interested in finding out who made the gun. martinwade@centurylink.net
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