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  1. Anything that says lamb/sheep on the label.  If I don't know it is in the food, OK, but I gag when I discover it is in the food.  Courtesy of my mom telling us it was unfit for humans to eat.  Bubble and squeak (boil potatoes until they dissolve, add cabbage and continue to boil til it is no longer recognizable and  add poor cuts of beef and continue to boil  until it too dissolves.  You can fry leftover from it the next day.  It was bad the first time, it was worse the second time.


    Any meat with milk dish - that is just plain wrong.  (Cheeseburgers excepted). 


    Best meals, red cabbage saluted with vinegar,  cabbage rolls, smelt fish (Actually, any fish), pork chops with mountains of fresh horseradish.


    STL Suomi

  2. Well, I always used that type of brush as a wash brush in the shower.  It was firm and stiff and it got you scrubbed nice and clean all over (save your back and I had another stiff brush for that).  You always came out of the shower nice and pick and feeling like a million dollars using that kind of brush.


    STL Suomi

  3. Had some new ones today at the Church.  Poutine.  Yumm-ooo - French Fries with brown gravy and chucks of both yellow and white cheese.  Strange combo, but delicious -Gal who made these was a Canadian - whodathunk that would taste good?  Sort of like a bag of Fritos with a scoop of canned Chile.  Sounds ugly, but tastes pretty good.


    STL Suomi


    I will be getting an air frier to make the fries for the poutine- That was TASTY!

  4. The best potato is the one in my plate.  I like potatoes regardless of how they might be cooked.


    STL Suomi


    I do like potato skins with a bit of cheddar cheese and bacon bits - all the good groups of food - vegetable, dairy, meat - and maybe a vitamin supplement - Guinness stout.

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  5. In regards to spurious "u's" in words, I quote Andrew Jackson - - -


    "It's a dam poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word".  However my English teacher was not convinced - - - drat.


    STL Suomi


    Clever folks those Aussies - :D

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  6. Classic Spaghetti from Cetara (a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy)

    Based on the Roman Garum  anchovy sauce - very delicious and simple.




    Cook the pasta in unsalted boiling water. Meanwhile, chop some parsley, garlic and  peperoncino (optional), add eight tablespoons of olive oil and tablespoons of Delfino Battista colatura di alici di Cetara (Anchovy Sauce).


    Add to the pasta cooked al dente, mix well (do not cook) and serve.


    The spaghetti al dente and the strong flavour of the Colatura will guarantee you pure pleasure with each mouthful; the true essence of the magnificent culinary tradition of the Amalfi Coast.


    A plain, extremely simple dish! Spaghetti with Colatura di Alici can be cooked by anyone and it doesn’t take much time.


    An old recipe that well reflects the frenetic pace of modern day: in a few minutes, you can serve a dish which is special, healthy and delicious.

    STL Suomi
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  7. It is with some trepidation that I make the following comments as some folks might take umbrage.  However, I have heard from some Americans that Vegamite can be best described asa hair restorer, acne treatment, cess pool disinfectant, varnish remover, breakfast food, and cure as a salve for monkey butt.    That being said, I did have a period wherein I was with Aussies "diggers" in VN and I can assure you that while all of what was previously said might be true, I found it to be exactly the item we should, in measured amounts, issue to the US soldiers in their rations.
    It seem to instill in those stout troops a certain attitude and sense of "git er done" that I have not seem in many US units.  I guess, having that as
    a breakfast spread can make you believe that you have met the meanest challenge of the day so nothing could possibly intimidate you during the rest of the day.  I do believe that I would be absolutely filled with comfort allowing my backside to be guarded with ANY Aussie trooper.  They were
    absolutely tops.  Vegemite works.


    STL Suomi


    (And I liked their biscuits in the afternoon - Yum)


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  8. While speaking of produce, I believe a huge amount of produce in America comes from Chile, I do not see Americans starving for lettuce or tomatoes. In my area, Missouri, we have many farms that produce fresh vegetables. It would not impact us all that much.

    We have many peach and apple orchards about in our area also, the rest of the produce is readily available fro Idaho, and Kansas and Nebraska would serve us Angus beef and tons of wheat.



    STL Suomi

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