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  1. The next new topic button or a link is the only way I can navigate the saloon. I feel your pain
  2. I think the last time I had a 8 track player was in the early 80’s
  3. Illegal immigration has been a problem since I was a small child. And I’m guessing before that, I just wasn’t alive to witness it. If they actually fixed things people would realize it shouldn’t be a full time job . Solving the problem doesn’t divide people or get votes. Abortion is a perfect example, the democrats have had total control the last 2 years. Just pass a law making it the law of the land . It’s done, but that wouldn’t have got them any votes yesterday, today tomorrow and next week. The republicans have done the same when they were in power.
  4. There’s so few of us, just never liked it
  5. You might like this one better , I can buy into Constitutional Republic also
  6. We’re at least supposed to be a representative republic, not a democracy. And this is just a meme meant to make fun of people always saying we’re a democracy.
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