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  1. Don’t forget to check your rear seal
  2. Maybe some 5mm balls in a 45 die if the holes in the die are small enough to retain them ? Seems strange to want smaller balls though. They are smaller but maybe they protrude more ? Im assuming the 45 is 6mm but until we see one who knows for sure Qty. 3 of each:1/8″5/32″3/16″3mm5mm6mm Theres 7 different die sizes listed and 6 different sized balls “you would think they would call them bearings or ball bearings”
  3. Your in between the listed sizes for .428, haven’t seen one tore apart yet to see if you could use different size ball bearings if it doesn’t work. https://www.titanreloading.com/product/inline-bullet-feed-kit-40-cal/. .375-.406 https://www.titanreloading.com/product/inline-bullet-feed-kit-45-cal/ .435-.460 Luckily with Lee it won’t break the bank to experiment you can get just the die for $36 https://www.titanreloading.com/product/inline-die-only-45-cal/ And replacement balls are cheap might be able to make something work if the factory 45 won’t https://www.titanreloading.com/product/inline-bf-replacement-balls/ None of it is in stock now but is supposed to be by the end of the month
  4. I just got a in-line fabrication mount and a DAA powder check so I’m getting closer, a couple of people in the six pac pro FB group I belong to have bought the Lee bullet feeder die and it seems to be working fine. Apparently it’s the ball bearing type. The press seems to have pretty good reviews so far, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed
  5. Here’s the new Lee bullet feeder due out this month https://leeprecision.com/inline-bullet-feed
  6. Just noticed you will apparently need this adapter to invert the bullet feeder tubes on the APP https://leeprecision.com/inverted-size-fill-adapter
  7. If you plan to try/use the new bullet feeder Lee is releasing this month this bullet sizing kit looks interesting. You can size while loading your bullet tubes. They also have a nifty set up for it on the APP press https://leeprecision.com/inline-bullet-sizer-magazine-filler-kit
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