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  1. It definitely could be, could be MN, NY, WI, PA . I’ve seen scenes like this from all over the USA . I still hear people debating if a deer should be hung by the neck or rear legs. And then there’s the aging venison debate
  2. And for anyone wanting to size their bullets and fill their magazines at the same time they have a set up for a single stage press and the APP press . https://leeprecision.com/inline-bullet-sizer-magazine-filler-kit It hasn’t hit retailers yet
  3. For anyone interested Titan reloading has the new Lee bullet feeders and extra mags in stock they are relatively close to the Lee factory so if you don’t want to order from them I’m sure your favorite distributor will have them soon . https://www.titanreloading.com/product-category/lee-precision-reloading-equipment/lee-press-accessories/lee-inline-bullet-feed/
  4. It’s a spinoff of the walking dead
  5. The movie probably would have been pretty boring if he hadn’t went back for his dads watch
  6. It’s Bruce W’s characters father’s watch, it’s how he got it out of the prison camp. And if I remember right it’s why Bruce goes back to his apartment and ends up killing John T’s character and sets up the spider and the fly scene . Usually Christopher Walken has bigger scenes but not in this one
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