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  1. They definitely give up their hide easier when they are warm. That tallow turns to glue when it’s cold, my chainfall is the front end loader on the tractor or the excavator, I usually try to bury the gut pile to deny the coyotes an easy meal. Honestly the last few years i just gut them and take them to the processor. There’s a local guy by our hunting camp that does a fantastic job for a reasonable price.
  2. I also enjoy the sight seeing. Although I do try to avoid the hours of peak congestion. Years ago for a couple years my wife and I both worked afternoon shift and would sometimes meet up after work to grocery shop. You can certainly run into some interesting people in these big box stores at 2am.
  3. One guy I know claims you have to wait until there is a grey fuzz growing on the inside of the rib cage . I’m an asap guy. I usually hang by the neck until it’s time to skin them, then the gambrel hook comes out. Most buck poles my area hang them upside down but I suspect that’s more about viewing the antlers.
  4. I think it’s just a matter of convenience, I don’t know if it’s the same in every state but here I haven’t seen any of the grocery stores that offer all of the items that are in the store online and at some of them “not all” you pay a premium for curbside pickup, the online items sometimes cost slightly more. I know a few people that get allot of their groceries from Amazon. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Technology and marketing will continue to change how we live, but one thing is for certain businesses would not be offering these services if it wasn’t putting more to the bottom line. To me it’s no different than going to McDonald’s drive through. You’re paying for convenience. I can go to a sit down restaurant and get a meal for the same $$. It just isn’t as fast but imoh the food at the sit down restaurant is almost always better. Personally I like to pick my own fruits, vegetables, meat but if I can get tp, canned goods, condiments, etc… delivered by Amazon for the same price or less I have no problem with that. I do have to say I’m still of the opinion that it could hurt a community to not have full service grocery stores, I know they only offer a couple days of groceries but in times of trouble it’s still better than being completely dependent upon on time delivery that isn’t always on time, so in that aspect we may be our own worst enemies.
  5. Masks were never necessary, yet I still see people wearing them. Just think of it as a big social experiment. That movie with Sylvester Stallone where no one has physical contact is coming true. The kids are never gonna leave mom & dad’s basement now. Except to go pick up their curbside order
  6. Just found Lee has this knowledge base page for their products, you may find something useful here https://support.leeprecision.net/en/knowledgebase/category/six-pack-pro?page=1
  7. The Mr bullet feeder are expensive, the new Lee kit that comes with one die and a magazine is only $51 at Titan. Not sure what other retailers will be selling it for. Their mags are supposed to hold about 100 bullets in the 35cal size.
  8. Yes , this is their response. They don’t care that the courts say citizens have rights
  9. It definitely could be, could be MN, NY, WI, PA . I’ve seen scenes like this from all over the USA . I still hear people debating if a deer should be hung by the neck or rear legs. And then there’s the aging venison debate
  10. https://www.cdnnsports.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?caliber=22+LR&cat=15&manufacturer=RUGER®&q=10%2F22+ruger
  11. And for anyone wanting to size their bullets and fill their magazines at the same time they have a set up for a single stage press and the APP press . https://leeprecision.com/inline-bullet-sizer-magazine-filler-kit It hasn’t hit retailers yet
  12. For anyone interested Titan reloading has the new Lee bullet feeders and extra mags in stock they are relatively close to the Lee factory so if you don’t want to order from them I’m sure your favorite distributor will have them soon . https://www.titanreloading.com/product-category/lee-precision-reloading-equipment/lee-press-accessories/lee-inline-bullet-feed/
  13. Whatever you do don’t use the K&N with the nut welded to the bottom.I changed the oil on my truck, drove it for about a week. One morning I go out in the garage and there is about a quart of oil on the floor . It had started leaking out of the nut at the spot weld . Even sent it back to K&N and they confirmed. I had about a dozen filters the refund me for . I’m lucky it happened when it did . Did some research and apparently it’s not an anomaly. Some tracks were people race bikes have actually banned their use
  14. I’ve seen tests where Napa gold and Baldwin rate fairly high. One of the tear down videos I have seen showed mobile1, Amsoil, Royal Purple and Napa Gold or Wix , forget which were virtually identical internally. Allot of people speculate they are made in the same factory. I’m sure there are lots NDA’s covering who makes what for who. I’ve always liked mobile 1 , and you can pick them up fairly cheap on sale . I agree regular maintenance is the key.
  15. No argument it could be better, just the best one I’ve see on YouTube. I’d love to see some of the test machines manufacturers like Mobile have made but no one in the industry seems to put that out for the general public consumption. This is a pretty good forum if you’re into lubricants https://bobistheoilguy.com/forums/
  16. As long as it’s the same for all the filters I’ll take it. Personally I’d rather see them test more filters than expand into different weight oils and temperatures. You could go down a rabbit hole you’ll never emerge from. This one is way better than the cut it apart and give an opinion video that most of the ones on YouTube are. At least they demonstrate flow and dp
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