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  1. That would have to be looked at on a individual basis. But the AFT sure seems to be allot mor active under the Brandon administration
  2. Honestly why would you make most guns without one. If you don’t want to use it you just don’t move the selector switch. The only reason I can come up with is hunting regs.
  3. I think it’s all about how they treated you . The last job my dad had before he got out of the army was a range officer, so he got to shoot allot. This was when the military was just adopting the M14. He really disliked it, said they jammed all the time and it was under powered compared to a 30-06. Said he always shot his best scores with a Garand and shot better scores with a 03A3 than the M14, he hates them. He also had a valid point that it’s hard to hide from a Garand with a clip full of ap rounds. He said they always liked the black tip stuff whenever they could get ahold of it. His favorite guns to this day are a Garand, Thompson and the 1911. I guess I attribute his problems with the M14 to it being new and all the bugs not being worked out. Everything you read also says initially the M16 was terrible “mostly due to ammo”. But with all the tweaks they have done to it it’s certainly reliable today. Im guessing there’s going to be people who want their M4’s back when they get the new Sigs.
  4. This will help anyone find ethanol free gas. Your 2 stroke motors,ATV’s, etc… will thank you https://www.pure-gas.org
  5. Like I said I do my best to be an enabler. If guns were alcohol I’d give a drunk a drink
  6. And the gas they have today has a pretty bad shelf life. Since I went to running off road gas in my off road stuff the majority of my gasoline related problems have disappeared. I used up some two year old two stroke gas a couple months ago and it ran great . I have been told that many 2 stroke mixes do help to stabilize gas though. SeaFoam and Stabil also seem to help but I guess that can be argued as readily as 9mm vs 45acp
  7. Should eliminate the NFA also. It’s going to take years for all of it to drag out in the courts . But at least it’s going the right way. When I was a kid I never thought the concealed carry movement would have went as well as it has. I got my first cc license in CA of all states , then I moved to Wi where you couldn’t get one unless you were somebody. By the time I moved back to Mi it was shall issue. Thanks Florida for standing up and starting it.
  8. You might want to see what the game wardens in the state you’re going to hunt would say . But if someone made a gas regulator with no holes in it ? Don’t think it would be too hard to make
  9. Maybe not you, but not enough people have seem to come to terms with it yet .
  10. By the tolerant left , that would never happen
  11. I gotta think 9mm is worth allot in Mexico. With all the traffic on the border right now an exchange of ammo for drugs would be pretty easy. And to go back to the conspiracy theory, maybe the new version of fast and furious?
  12. I have a big upright freezer, the regular fridge freezer and another fridge freezer in the garage. At any given time I usually have 1/2 a cow and a couple deer in them. With the price of meat these days it gives some piece of mind to have a generator of some sort.
  13. It always amazed me how much everything cost when I lived in CA , and although wages were more, they weren’t that much more. But wine was always cheap, I can remember walking into Safeway and they always had boxes and boxes of cheap wine. Maybe that’s why Fred G Sanford always loved his champiple
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