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  1. The club that holds the Alabama State shoot gives out awards at the monthly match and I am not a member as I have not joined any clubs since I moved to Alabama for a couple of personal reasons. They sent a survey out and I got one asking about changing the awards program. Now, since I am not a member, I did not reply to the survey as it was for club members. I read the survey and depending on what they decide to do, it will affect how often I will be attending matches at their range other than the State and Annual match. Over the years I have seen more and more clubs drop monthly awards an
  2. That for the offer, I may take you up on it. ( however, shooting this is really just another way to justify buying more guns )
  3. I read thru that list and I think it was based on how much money each movie made and adjusted box office numbers. Those of us that saw them when they first came out have a different view of what a movie should be compared to those doing the ratings on that list. Just look at the remakes of those movies and how hard it is to sit thru them when you saw the original. I liked the original 3:10 to Yuma (good story, good shootouts) and the remake was a poor copy of the original (messed up story, poor ending and max violence). Since when is "Back to the Future 3" a western? It was SyFy set
  4. I will try anything once, sounds like fun. I have an original trapdoor rifle in 45-70, will have to find a pair of revolvers, and will need a source for 20ga black powder shotgun shell or have to get a double barrel 12ga. I will get it figured out, so sign me up for the Plainsman match. Maybe I will switch to a black powder category for the main match, have always thought that would be fun. FYI, I will still be dressed in all white. Maddog
  5. An old rope and a tree would do the job and he would get off easier that the family he killed. Gray was convicted of killing Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their 9-year-old and 4-year-old daughters during a home invasion. Bryan was a musician and Kathryn was co-owner of the World of Mirth toy store.The Harveys were preparing to host friends for a holiday chili dinner when Gray and another man spotted their open front door. They tied the family up in their basement, where they were stabbed and beaten to death before their house was set on fire. Gray claims he doesn't remember the killi
  6. I prefer John Wayne Cowboy movies over Clint Eastwood cowboy movies. I only remember one John Wayne cop movie and it was ok, I liked most of the Dirty Harry movies. Tom Selleck, Jimmy Stewart, Sam Elliot and James Garner made some good cowboy movies. Linda Carter, Farrah, Raquel Welch, Loni Anderson,Ginger, Mary Ann. So many Ladies and you want me just to pick one? How about a different one everyday of the week and I can rest on Sunday before I start over again.
  7. I started with a couple different Rugers for the first year or two and then found a pair of Stainless Steel Interarms Virginian Dragoons in 44mag with 7 1/2 barrels. I used them for about 5 or 6 years and then went to a pair of 3rd generation Colt New Frontiers 44spl with 5.5 inch barrels that are my main match guns. I had a consecutive pair of all blue 3rd generation Colts with 5.5 inches barrels in 357 for several years that I had for loaners and backups to my New Frontiers, but had to sell them a couple years ago. I am currently looking for a set of 3rd gen Colts in 44spl and trying to dec
  8. Hey T-Bone, Did you tear the house down yet? I was thinking if you gutted it and made in to one big room, you could fill it bunk beds and have a old west bunk house for some of the cowboys coming next year. Those staying there would have to bring their own bedroll. They could have a real cowboy experience. Would be cheaper than building a hotel. You could build a bathhouse in one end of it for the cowboys staying there and the campers. Just a thought. Maddog
  9. Have given it some thought, I loaded a few tools on my fastest horse and headed for the saloon. About mile from the saloon, I heard the explosions and kicked my horse to go faster. As I rode up in front of the Saloon, I looked up high in the sky and saw a tree and bunch dirt starting back towards the ground and headed my way. I shook my head and thought "This ain't gona be good". I jumped off my horse and ran in to the Saloon, "Bottled, give me two beers to go" I looked up the patches in the roof and everybody was staring at me. "Anybody that does not want hit with 2 tons of dirt a
  10. I don't miss that at all. However, they always used cheap non-reloadable ammo and it took a lot of time to sort thru the brass to get the good ones. On a good day, I use to get lucky and find 100 or 200 good once fired brass cases in an hour or so of looking. However, most was not in a caliber I reloaded. Maddog McCoy
  11. Glad to hear you got it. I used to hunt with a 7.5 inch 44 mag and I always wore plugs. I would leave one in my bad ear and when I heard something, I would sneak the other plug in my good ear. It worked well as I was using my custom molded one for cowboy and easy to get in. If I got a shoot or two off, I would be able to still hear if I came up short. Did not hunt for the last 2 years, and that will probably be on hold until I find a place to hunt in Alabama or decide to pay for out state permits for Illinois (over $400) so I can hunt on my farm in Southern Illinois. Maddog McCoy
  12. Good to see you, Mark. Would you want to ride up with a couple axes and some tools before you get all us in trouble? You have to give me a bit of time to get there since I am now in Alabama but I got a fast horse. Maddog McCoy
  13. I won a Gun last year and had great time. Signed up already and looking for camper so I can stay at the ranch this year. It is always a fun time. Maddog McCoy
  14. I bought a Stoeger new in the box back in about 1995-1996 (double trigger). Still using it, and I did some minor work on it. Polished the chambers and disconnected the safety. Had to tight the plates that hold the firing pins every now and then but have not had any problems with it. I have had several more Stoegers since then for backups but have never really ever needed them. I have one extra right now that I might part with. If you have lots to spend, get a Browning or SKB. If you just want to try one, get a Stoeger and save the cash. I have not had any luck with any of the Chinese or R
  15. Allie, would love to see you in Illinois again. That said, I went to EOT 10 years ago and trying to see if I can make the trip this year. I think it is about the same drive form Alabama as it was from Northern IL, But I might fly if I can get my ammo out there and will try flying with guns for the first time. I should have it worked out by end of April. Since Sparta is closed, the trips I would normally make to Sparta are canceled so I might be able to save enough to make one longer trip. I went to the first EOT at Founders Ranch and loved the April weather, but for some reason everybody t
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