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  1. Call SnS Bullet, they are just north of you. I use their 44 200 grain RNFP and they feed fine in all my 44's. If the carrier is a V shape, Change it to one that is a half moon shape, these work better in a 44. Also, change the loading gate with a new one and see if that helps. After that, call Widder and send it to him. Maddog Mccoy
  2. I get the joke!!!! (after I googled DD-214)
  3. I got one at Wal-Mart after Christmas for $7.50. They were 19.99, then marked down to 15, then $7.50. At one store, the guy told me they stole more of them than they sold. Check in Automotive and electronics, I got my 2 weeks ago when they marked them down and one store had like 40 of them left over. It on the counter at home if you want me to send you a picture of the box or the UPC Code. I have not got around to hooking it up yet. Maddog McCoy
  4. If you lose 20 lbs, is it found when you gain it back? I have lost 10lbs since the first of January on the diet I am following, but every time I open the refrigerator I see where it is hiding and just waiting for me with several of it's friends. The goal is to lose 130 more (140 total), but was a lot easier to get it than it is to lose it.
  5. Tim Conway and Don Knots The Apple Dumpling Gang and watch the two of them trying to put up the ladder to steal the gold from the bank.
  6. I have a hard Plastic one that says Life member on it, I got it back in 1997. My Gold badge shows I am a lifer, so the card has been in my desk drawer since 1997. I think one time they sent me one after that that was not plastic, but not paper, kinda like made out of poster board or real thin plastic. It is in the top drawer of my desk with the other ones. If I was going to EOT, Winter Range or a show with a SASS booth, I would might take it along if I was not wearing my badge.
  7. My son is very much into WWE, He has a book full of autographs, I was with him when he got some of them. Charlie Daniels Somewhere I have a signed album from when he first released The devil went down to Georgia, He was signing them at a K-Mart before the concert. Eddie Albert. He was walking around a mall in Carbondale Il. after he had appeared somewhere at the college promoting Agriculture, He signed a piece of paper for us but not sure where it is any more- Great guy to talk with. Ron Howard. Saw him at Disney World and he had his family with him (1986). I talked to him
  8. Prairie Farms dairy use to buy milk from my Grandfather until the late 60's or early 70's until they mandated that all milking had to be done by machines. He had a cooler for storing the milk and they would come by and pick up the milk once or twice a week. I think that he got the cooler from the dairy as I seem to remember the cooler having a Prairie Farms emblem on it. He had a couple of cows that he milked by hand and I tried a couple times when I was 6 or 8 years old but could not get the hang of it. I drank a lot of milk growing up but hated the cream floating in it. Grandma had a pasteur
  9. Tom Swift I don't recognize any of the ones you have listed. Do you recognize this name? I have some of his books and my dad had them when I was a kid.
  10. In the Chicago area, you can still get milk delivered along with dairy products to your front door. The company is Oberweis Dairy and they have their own trucks. The milk is better than store milk but it was a bit pricey. My son loves their chocolate milk. They would provide you with a cooler for your front porch and would deliver several times a week. I had a couple friends that used their service, but I never used enough to have the delivery. I would go to their stores and get some of the best ice cream there is available. Here is a link to their website. http://www.oberwe
  11. Red Cent is in: McLeansville, NC by way of WV Check the last line of his post.
  12. This should be posted in the Saloon
  13. I shot there a long time ago. I would go again if I can get the time. I remember meeting a lot of great folks out there. I use to vacation in Colorado once a year and always tried to line up a major shoot while I was there. Maybe someday I will be able to do that again.
  14. I use to do shows when I had a FFL in Illinois. When I first started, the were 4 shows around the Chicago area and you could always find different things there. The shows tapered off until there was only 2 shows and poorly attended and that was when I quit going to them. Right before I left Illinois, I attend the 2 shows and they have grown back into decent shows but not the huge shows they use to be. Since I got to Alabama, I have attended 3 shows. This first on in Birmingham I found was a big show that happens a couple times a year and they have a smaller show between the big shows. I at
  15. 44, as in 44 mag, 44spl, 44 Russian. 44 mag ------- In my Marlin rifle for SASS 44 spl --------- In my carry revolver 44 russian---- In my Colts for SASS
  16. Mary, I left Illinois and moved to Alabama about a year and have ago. I am in a small town half way between Huntsville and Birmingham, and have a SASS club about 15 miles south of me, 2 Sass clubs in Birmingham about a hour south, and North Alabama Regulators about 45 minutes north and Wartrace in Tenn about 2.5 hours north. Depending on how much you like to venture out, there are more clubs a bit further out. Rent is cheap, I have a 3bd, 3bt brick house for $650/month, and CCW permits are $20/yr, just stop by the sheriff's office and pick it up. You can be at the Gulf coast in about 4-5 h
  17. Fallon, Got your email and sent a reply. Thanks Maddog McCoy
  18. Rex, Sent an Email. Rooster Ron Wayne, Sent a PM M.M. Wright- I used to have 7.5 inch Colts and shoot them about 10 years ago, but the way the game has changed I am looking for short barreled guns now. Thanks for the reply
  19. I am looking for a 44 spl revolver. My preference is a 3rd gen Colt, but not sure I have enough cash for a Colt right now. That being said, if you have a 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 Colt, let me know how much it would take to get one. (would also consider a Colt Sheriff model). I have been looking elsewhere and it appears the Cimarron revolvers are the closest thing I can get to a Colt in 44spl, and I have listed model numbers. When I called Cimarron last week, they were out of 44's until about March. I think the Pre-war are closest to the Colt, but any input is welcome. I am not looking for 44mag
  20. The shorter barrel ones bring a better price. I have 2 of them in 5.5 barrels that I gave 1000.00 NIB third gen about 8 years ago. Depending on what you want to use it for, seems a bit on the high side. However, I have been accused of being thrifty with my money. (CHEAP).
  21. Some People need to get a Life. Bottles, setup everyone with a round on me. Maddog Cinnabon also faced criticism for a tweet they sent out saying, "RIP Carrie Fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy." They deleted their tweet. #cinnabon pic.twitter.com/m0TERwWW2g — Michael O'Brien (@Converge241) December 27, 2016
  22. I will have a steak, med -well( just don't burn it) with all the trimmings and a chilled bottle of Southern Comfort. Also Merry Christmas to everyone, Bottles, set everybody up as this round is on me. Maddog McCoy
  23. #3 Was the Red Hood. I goggled Robin and came up with 7 of them. I don't keep up with the comics but I keep up with the animated movies and have seen all of them at one time or another. History of Robin http://www.cbr.com/from-dick-to-damian-a-history-of-robin-batmans-superstar-sidekick/
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