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  1. Garrison Joe, I appreciate the quality of your answer, above. I have been monitoring this website recently. I will be moving to Colorado from the East Coast. I wonder if you have any thoughts on something that Interests me. I realize that a competition lever action will prioritize the rapid firing of low power handgun loads. Is there any way to rationalize weapons purchase expenses by buying pistols, or a 1911 (wild bunch); and even perhaps the shotgun, which would be usable both for cowboy action shooting and for hunting, or home defense? Also, would the “typical” SASS/CAS folks be OK with my shooting a “mixed bag” of weapons, for instance partially standard and partially Wild Bunch? I realize that might mess up scoring, and there is no such thing as typical. Please understand that I don’t have any interest in “winning” or beating anyone else. I would only be interested in time and accuracy as a measure of self-defense proficiency, or proficiency in snap-shooting running deer or elk.
  2. I am thinking of driving to Florida from NJ just to buy your shotgun. I am 71 years old, and I am not yet a member of SASS. I currently own no weapons, but I have had a few in the past. I also had a long military career, and therefore know my way around weapons fairly well. I am thinking of shooting Wild Bunch. Incidentally, just tonight I tried for about 30 minutes to sign in to the sass registration, unsuccessfully. I would like to get in touch with you, to learn a bit about SASS, If you would be so kind as to contact me by email, or text to cell: chas626@me.com (609) 373-9724 sincerely and respectfully, Charlie P. P.S. Moving to Colorado fairly soon, that’s part of why I would drive to Florida; it’s a lot shorter trip from New Jersey!
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