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  1. This seems like a good example of why not to do it. I guess this may just be a good chance to build one of those fancy SASS carts everyone carries arround
  2. Hello All, This may be a question easily answered, but I am new so here goes. In match photos I see mostly if not all carts with vertical guns. I'm planning my first match and am wondering if a "barrels down" cart would be acceptable as I already have one for sporting clays. Thanks a bunch!
  3. That looks great Buckshot. I will take it. If the loops are too large I can shrink them down myself. Or maybe ill just have try some brass shells PM me your paypal and I will send you my shipping address! Thanks a bunch!
  4. Right now I have two old double strong side holsters that I was given (but no belt as the gentelman that is helping get me started is a normal size). If I was able to find a rig that fit I guess I wouldnt be opposed to either a cross draw (RH) or a double strong side holster. Seeing as I'm new I dont really have a prefrence. Thanks!
  5. WOW JJ that is a beautiful rig! Verry impressive that you put that together yourself. I think I am looking or something a little more bland to get my feet wet. Once I figure out how to actually shoot I will start looking for the glitz haha.
  6. Hey Buckshot. I AM also looking for a shotgun belt! What have you got? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I'm new to the scene (first post ) and I am in need of a rig for my ruger vaqueros (4.5 inch barrels & 45LC). If anyone out there would have an old one they are willing to sell it would be much appreciated. I am trying to spend under 200 if possible. I was given some old holsters to get me started so if someone had just a belt that they could part with I would be interested in that as well. My pants size is a 44 so I suposed something in the neighborhood of a 50" rig would fit me fine. Thanks a bunch!
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