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  1. Thomas Francis Meagher. Commanding Officer of the Irish Brigade during the Civil War. I use his picture.
  2. I just say "It was my priviledge." I do agree that it somewhat aggravates me because it seems so canned and politically correct. I'm thinking about saying "I heard the draft is coming back, so maybe your kids will get to serve!"
  3. D4 Leather Wraps. Easy to use, great company, looks great. ABAC958F-9C46-41A0-B7E2-54A25304214C.MOV
  4. Anybody know when or how to order? Will there be pre-order? How will the serial numbers start? Might be nice to have a top ten.
  5. The passenger oxygen masks drop at 14,000' pressure altitude. The airplane can be depressurized at any altitude by manually opening the outflow valve from the cockpit. Commercial airliners are pressurized to 8.3 psid. DB had the crew depressurize the aircraft before lowering the stairs. After this incident all 727's were retro fitted with what became known as a "DB Cooper" lever which would not allow the stairs to be lowered manually while in flight.
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