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  1. I loved that rifle, I hated that rifle. If Rugremlin had one ounce of compassion that rifle would come with a Dremel.
  2. They are kind of like boats. Your two best days are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. When she's running it's awesome but then there's the other time. Be careful. Right out of the box there are a lot of very sharp edges and metallic points. Stick a cleaning rag down into that receiver and you'll come out with a sliced cleaning rag and finger. You'll want to buff/smooth just about everything. The good thing is there's a ton videos on line showing how to do it. Most important thing - tighten all screws frequently, especially after firing. If you don't stuff will fall off. You
  3. Fenway ..... as in Fenway Bark
  4. Marines - It's better to die than look bad.
  5. Wyoma

    CAS Shotgun

    Haven't seen it in person yet but all the pics say it's in superb shape. 1931. I guess it made it 90 years without anyone harming it, so I don't think I will.
  6. Made me wait 15 for both Moderna shots. First shot, nothing. Second shot, twelve hours later, I had everything they said you might get except dead. At one point I was kinda hoping for that. 24 hours later fine, no problem.
  7. Wyoma

    CAS Shotgun

    If you had an old Winchester Model 97 with a 30" barrel and were planning on using it in CAS would you shorten the barrel?
  8. Back in the day when Marines guarded the gates at Navy installations a young PFC called his 1st Lt OD and told him he had a drunk old Navy guy in cuffs in the guard shack. The 1st Lt asked what his rank was. The PFC says radarman. The 1st Lt told the PFC that radarman is not a rank and asked what it said on his ID. The PFC responded RADM.
  9. Well that’s all well and good but not even remotely close to the vein of this string. Most of the longer strings on this site have a definite theme or personality to them. This string was all about people who like cats. Just like the string “Let’s see some dogs” is for folks who like dogs. You need to start a post about human encroachment on the natural environment which is resulting in the slaughter of our pets by the predators who used to live there. I’m sure you’ll get tons of folks who want to see those videos.
  10. Hey Warden put yourself in solitary. Talk about no situational awareness. What's next a mountain lion dragging off a kid?
  11. He's actually our neighbors but he hangs with us for the "treats." Sweet as he can be but has a rep as quite the hunter. I think he's about 5.
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