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  1. Just had mine this AM. 65 and older I guess. The only thing that was not pleasant was listening to my fellow 65 and olders whine about pretty much EVERYTHING.
  2. Wyoma


    There is fairly strict protocol about saluting in the Navy/Marine Corps. You must be in uniform. You must be outside. You must be covered (wearing a hat). The only people allowed to salute inside are those who are under arms and a return salute is not rendered unless that person is also under arms. Military people do not salute when in civilian clothes. Respects are rendered by placing the hand over the heart while in civilian clothes. The president is always in civilian clothes so no salute is required or expected. Presidents saluting members of the military is a fairly modern tradit
  3. Wyoma


    Well covered gentlemen!
  4. If you bid on an item on GB you can always see the bid history and the final selling price.
  5. Georgia has become the political center of the universe. We finally unplugged the landline. One recorded political call after another from 6am to 11pm. As soon as you hang it up it rings again. EVERY tv commercial is political one. Can't watch it anymore. I read where the two political parties will spend over a billion dollars for advertising in the GA runoff election. It's a disgrace.
  6. Back in the day, boiler room coffee on a Navy destroyer! Son, you will not fall asleep on this watch.
  7. I think infamy is 50 years. Ask anyone under 30 what happened on December 7 and you'll get the 1000 yd stare.
  8. I heard they are going to store it behind a grassy knoll before they give it out.
  9. Stainless Steel Guiderods. Really helps on the S&W M&P's.
  10. I would steer clear of Choice Ammunition. I ordered a 1000 rounds from them the first week in October and have seen nothing other than a credit card bill. I've emailed them several times with no response. I've called twice and all I got was voicemail. I have left voicemails that have not been responded to. I did get one blanket email that looks like it was sent to all customers about a month ago. It said that they had gotten behind because of demand and Covid but that they were going make everything right very shortly. Since then, nothing. No response, no refund, no ammo.
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