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  1. Just got this in from Jeff at North Idaho Leather. Absolute quality workmanship. Happiest Vaquero I’ve ever seen. Wife wanted to know if she could use it as a purse. Great work Jeff.
  2. No. I'm pretty sure if you pulled out a six shooter at Harvard hundreds of folk would wet their pants. Got an old school friend who lives in Harvard.
  3. Loophole, your muddying the water with facts here. Not sure that's playing fair. Just curious, where do the Harvard Ghostriders shoot?
  4. The US Navy has a rule that you are not supposed to talk about religion or politics while gathered in the wardroom of a ship. The discussions can cause dissention within the group with the attendant loss of cohesion/brotherhood. Not to mention the fact that the arguments are mostly unsolvable. I have tried to apply this guidance to the larger portion of the rest of my life. It works.
  5. Wyoma

    New Vaquero Talo

    The description says the Talo version of the N Vaquero has a short spur hammer. Is this really a new design hammer or is it just the RBH hammer in a Vaquero? Are there any differences in the hammer and trigger springs?
  6. just installed SBH and new spring kit. Works great.
  7. Wyoma

    Vaquero Question

    DDD thanks. I see those numbers but never made the association. I only have the one pistol but was contemplating gearing up for CAS and thought I'd get another of the same. They're not easy to find anymore.
  8. Wyoma

    Vaquero Question

    The product is sold as a set. Ruger has had this option in the Blackhawk for awhile. If you look at the cylinders out of the pistol you cannot tell them apart. They're not even labeled. The only way to figure out which one you are putting back in is to try to put a cartridge in it. You're right a call to Ruger would answer the question. I'm very averse to "press one if ……." Figured I'd get a quick answer here.
  9. Wyoma

    Vaquero Question

    Ruger makes a model of the NMV in 357/38 that has an interchangeable 9MM cylinder. Is this 9MM cylinder interchangeable with any NMV in 357/38 or is it only compatible with that model # from Ruger?
  10. Wyoma


    I think that would be a great idea. I only recently got interested in SASS but I like the site and what everyone is talking about. I don't have all the fire power, hardware or the proper clothing. Hence my original question about rifles. I'm a little bit afraid that if I show up in the kitchen in a cowboy outfit with two six guns, a shotgun and a rifle that may be the last I see of my wife. I know that in some cases some guys might think that a good thing but in my case she's a pretty nice lady. I think Griffin would be the closest.
  11. Wyoma


    Thanks Sarge. I have several lever guns but none from this manufacturer. I am contemplating another purchase and thought I'd ask some experts.
  12. Wyoma


    My only question is why buy one over the other. Is a rifle in 357/38 with Cimmarron stamped on it the same as one with Uberti stamped on it. Does one have better handling qualities, fit, finish, etc. Who likes what and why?
  13. Wyoma


    The way I understand it Uberti makes the Cimmarron brand. If this is true then what are the differences say in a 357/38sp rifle? And why two different products?
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