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  1. No. It didn't come installed. The front and rear sights are in the box. Not sure why. I guess maybe some people want something different. I did the front sight but I'll probably let my LGS do the rear. Too much nice metal for me to be hacking around with a brass hammer and punch.
  2. I think I'm figuring out we all have the same stuff, just organized differently.
  3. These two arrived within two weeks of each other. A Mirowin stainless and a Ubercimm case hardened. Out of the box they were both really pretty. Almost to pretty to shoot. The fit and finish is really nice. Can’t find a flaw. The wood on both is exceptional. The action is a little stiff but smooth. The Mirowin has about a two inch shorter stroke, as shown in the picture. The Ubercimm came with a black blade front sight which makes it hard to acquire with a dark target or black bull. I have ordered brass bead to match the Mirowin. Bottom line almost identical out of the box. But I’m here to tell you, you’re going to pay more for Mirowin’s more prestigious name.
  4. Real sorry about Hoss's pard and that's some fine looking leather but let's have a contest to try to identify every object on Hoss's bench.
  5. Great advice, thanks. I think I'll start with the conservative approach. Deburr, polish and a commercially produced spring. That way I won't turn my cheap shotgun into a cheap non-functioning shotgun. By the way, they're not that cheap anymore.
  6. Just got mine. Any at home slicking up recommendations? In order to break it open I have to slam it over my knee.
  7. Be very, very careful with that Dremel.
  8. I think someone figured out that you can't shoot it if you don't have ammunition.
  9. Wyoma

    Shotgun Gauge

    Sorry, aspiring new guy. What gauge is the most popular for CAS? Or does it really matter?
  10. Not Ruglin, Marger. Or Remruglin.
  11. The blade of the sight along the barrel axis slopes rear to front. I assume those beads will still mount?
  12. Anybody know the exact specs on the stock front sight - Ht/width. The plain black post is not the best. I would like to replace it with a bead. Who sells the best one? Otherwise it's sweet.
  13. You can't go by whether you need it. You have to go by whether you want it. Big difference.
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