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  1. If you plan to shoot Wild Bunch with it the tungsten rods are NOT legal.
  2. Worth every penny!
  3. There was at least 1 question on the Wild Bunch match. I agree that it was awesome
  4. Many years ago we did have portajohns on 1 to 4. Getting them serviced once a day caused lots of issues for both the shooters and the service personnel. The current location has been an excellent compromise. And yes I made the hike several times on that day.
  5. King snake, they will email you a link fairly soon. They usually announce it on the wire and Facebook. Some years I had to check my junk mail file.
  6. I’ve been shooting WR since ‘98. This years match was not the easiest nor anywhere near the most challenging. Stages were well thought out. Every target was doable and options available to every shooter. It was a great, fun match. ymmv. Two Dot
  7. Prayers up from Lil Dot and me. She’s a great lady.
  8. Try a slide with elastic loops. They are available from several maker.
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