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  1. If you’re coming to Fire & Ice this weekend I’ll take the 10mm funnel.
  2. As far as I know the only 32 Vaqueros were a short run of original ( old ) Vaqueros with 32 h &r and 32-20 cylinders. Other than that they were single sixes.
  3. Biggest benefit to me is that the extended replacements are made from better steel.
  4. At least you were facing the right way. Lol
  5. Can’t help on the rig. Check with Kingsnake over on the Wild Bunch wire for mags.
  6. Try a new bottle of powder maybe that will solve it?
  7. Are you using the fail safe rod? It should return the slide unless it’s really dragging.
  8. For those needing ro2 or a refresher we are hosting a class this Sat. 9:00 am. Thanks Two Dot
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