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  1. 10/4 will do, thanks again for the help OLG YellowHammer
  2. Well I knew I came to the right place! Thank you everyone for there advice. it means a lot, hopefully we’ll see ya at a match somewhere! YellowHammer
  3. Hello, I just got into CAS and was looking to start reloading ammo, because that seems to be the best way to get the low recoil loads everyone uses. I have two sass model Ruger new Vaqueros and a modern Marlin 1894c, all chambered in .357. I have been shooting HSM 158gr. Round nose flat point .38 specials out of pistol and rifle. They seem to run fine in all the guns, but I would like to reload maybe some 110 grainers or something lighter. While searching online I noticed there are .356, .357, .358 diameter bullets available, and wasn’t sure what to get. While searching the wire for this question I saw a lot of debate on round nose flat vs truncated bullets, but didn’t really understand ( mainly folks just wanted to say what the “best was”) if anyone cares to elaborate on that, it would be awesome. if anyone has any info on bullet diameter please help!? also if anyone wouldn’t mind sharing their own specs on similar loads, that they use it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance Yellowhammer
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