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  1. I think I saw him at Walmart....Oh Lord it’s my brother-in-law.
  2. Why does Kool-Aid Man have a condom on his head?
  3. I need a boat that size...it would support my uh...descriptions of the fish I catch.
  4. If he thinks he is a dog ...that’s the kind of cat I would want!
  5. When did you move to North Carolina and why are you always in front of me???
  6. If “what an ass” means sexy....oh Lord I appeal to most people I know!
  7. Has me confused, why does the gorilla have a ball cap on his butt?
  8. I know it is not nice ...but the first thing I thought was “ Is that Gwyneth Paltrow?’
  9. My guess... a neo nazi who just realized his mother forgot to pack his pants.
  10. Not to brag but people have been avoiding me for a long time...maybe I shouldn’t brag.
  11. I just learned I am slow.... for a moment I felt so lucky.
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