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  1. Thanks Mark. Please explain about checking the flag. This gun is new to me.
  2. It absolutely does Hendo. I've been attending their classes on many subjects.
  3. Cleaned it up today and quite a bit of gunk was built up in there. The action is working very nicely and the three buttons are depressing very easily. I think this week I'll really give it a good soaking & scrubbing and break the gun down as well to do a thorough job. You guys are the best..!! Thanks..!!
  4. Thanks Mark. It wasn't on purpose that I had that live shell in there. I discovered this situation after coming back one night from coyote hunting. No coyotes came in and no rounds were fired. That's when I found out my action was locked up. Things however are looking good right now. Will give an update a bit later about cleaning the 1897 today.
  5. Seems like the Ballistol spray has loosened things up a bit. A couple of you guys have mentioned the pushing forward on the slide. On my gun it takes quite a bit of effort and there is no real audible click, but I might feel a little play going just a bit forwards. I think all is going to work out well, plus I learned how to depress the two side buttons and unload shells without cycling them. I sprayed some more ballistol to include some to seep down the slide assembly. Liking this gun more and more. Sure has a lot of character.
  6. I'm sure it is an honor, especially after receiving all this help to my situation, I can see what you guys are all about. I did not get any number, I sent an email asking about it and then I just put that 186 in there not expecting it to go through, but wanted to try and complete my registration and here I am. I do feel honored to be among you all. Hopefully that makes up for my ignorance about the number.
  7. When I registered for the forum they told me I needed to input a SASS number. I didn't know what they were talking about, but they said it was required to proceed. I entered my address So that's the story behind my number. I still do not know what my actual SASS number should be or if I should even have a number. Probably not qualified
  8. Wow you guys..!! Thanks so much. I was not expecting this kind of response but very grateful for all of you. I fiddled with the side button and depressed very hard and I managed to open the action and eject the live round (no snap cap). For right now I have Ballistol, soaking in around the button and inside the chamber on that side. I'm going to print these replies off when I go back to tinkering with it. Hopefully all will be well. If not a gunsmith will be in order. I'll check back tomorrow with what I find out when tinkering with it again. Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Thanks H.K. First off, I love that longer barrel and would never touch it. The gun is a 16 gauge and I measured the barrel at 28 inches. It's also full choke. I like all of that as it's main purpose s to be for coyotes. Thanks for all your information. I will fiddle with the button today and post the results. I thought about lowering the hammer fully while pointing is a safe direction, but decided against it I might also try that if all else continues to fail. Thanks again..!
  10. Thanks for the reply Hendo. Yes, I removed the barrel from the receiver and cleaned it well with Ballistol. I did not tear it down any further. It pumps flawlessly until that shell is loaded. If I shoot the gun all operates well. I just cannot find a way to unlock and removed that shell if the gun is not fired. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. I recently purchased one and love the looks and feel of this gun. This one is the take down model and would have been produced in 1932. The problem in a nutshell is if I chamber a shell, I cannot get the action to open back up unless I actually fire the round. Doesn't matter if I push the button on the receiver or cock the hammer fully back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm figuring their must be a simple solution. Otherwise the action operates like butter until I chamber that shell. Thanks in advance... Mike
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