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  1. I have the aluminum carrier but it was never installed. The stock brass carrier is in the rifle.
  2. Offers considered. Comes with box.
  3. 181 rounds of Buffalo Arms.357 125 Grain Black Powder Ammo $72.00 74 rounds of Buffalo Arms 12 gauge 2 3/4" 3 1/4 Drams of black powder shotgun ammo, 1 1/4oz. #6 shot, $80.00 Can meet locally for St Petersburg area pards or ship. Wade
  4. 38-40 Black powder ammo sold pending payment.
  5. From the middle of the buckle to the last hole on the belt is approximately 39 inches
  6. Dallas McPewPew is the 1st with a hard commitment for the 44-40 revolvers, They are sold pending funds
  7. For those asking about the revolvers.
  8. Sorry , not looking to trade. Wade
  9. I don’t have the original box, it’s not the high grade wood. Round count is actually 40 rounds fired. One box of factory 178 with two boxes of factory brass.
  10. Ruger #1 .308 50th Anniversary rifle. Only had about 20 rounds through it. 30mm & 1 inch Ruger #1 rings included. 2-3 boxes of 178 grain Honady ELD-X ammo (Shipped Separately) $925.00 plus shipping to your FFL, Will ship in boxed Plano style case.
  11. Added a screen shot of the parts list for the spring and follower that are in it, forgot I had an aluminum carrier and firing pin not installed. Those will ship with the 1866 Yellowboy
  12. 38-40 smokeless ammo is spoken for.
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