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  1. We binged watched all of them, and it’s been long enough now that I think I could start over. It’s been a few years, so I’ve forgotten a lot
  2. My “hamster” adds a big chunk to my bank account each time he gets laid. You?
  3. Yes - Papillons are amazing. We have rat hunters, show dogs, and couch potatoes. www.butterflydogs.com is my website
  4. What a beautiful job!!!
  5. I hadn't thought about doing this, but after reading the results, I think I'll work on mine! thanks for the inspiration.
  6. Thank you! I understand he was a Florida champion but can't find any information. Maybe having his alias will help me. I appreciate it! LOVE these pistols!
  7. I recently posted a video of a girl, not 8 years old yet, shooting at her first match. The Browning .22 lever action is extremely short stroked, which was nice for her small stature. Her dad removed the original stock and put on an old one he cut down for her. She's going to be a rock star amongst our CAS very quickly! The video is on FB in the SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting group.
  8. I hope I’ve chosen the correct place to ask about this person. I have acquired his pair of Vaqueros that I understand we’re used for a championship shoot in Florida some years back. I’m lucky to have his name, but don’t know his alias. Would anyone here know who I’m asking about?
  9. The check is in the mail!!!

    1. dokdoc #61722

      dokdoc #61722

      Thanks.  Doc Clint

  10. I love these old photos! And what BIG smiles!!! Sure wish I'd learned about SASS a few decades ago!
  11.   I find managing messages here confusing, so if you wouldn't mind sending the information via email - cadgets3@gmail.com  then I will get it right away and take care of paying you!  This was so embarrassing, I can't tell you - and now I can't even find the message I answered to a few minutes ago with your address! Geez.....I thought I was pretty savvy with computers, too!

       Anyway - if you would kindly send me the information in an email, I'll get you taken care of right away. Oh - a picture to remind me would be nice, too. :-)


    Lady T

    (Gayle Key)

  12. Are both sets sold? I want the top ones. With the conchos
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