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  1. That's a great explanation. Where can I find that in writing to add it to my folder.?
  2. Of course as an Outlaw Gunfighter I would have just flicked that shell out with my left pinky finger being careful to not violate the 170 or 45 degree rule.
  3. Not by PWBs explanation. Holding the grip doesn't matter.
  4. Shooters is possessive. Plural would have been hands.
  5. Only one hand is around the grip at the draw. That is the grip hand. The left hand was the support hand and after cocking the grip hand was switched. Now I have big extended grips and can still only have one grip hand. Stage DQ
  6. Captain Bill Burt. To be clear about my comment on your swollen head, I must confess the swelling is a perfectly natural reaction to your family's SASS success at the Georgia State Match. That being said, my stretcher only goes to 7-5/8.
  7. I can see it now. An airboat gun cart with a battery powered fan for hot summer matches.
  8. If you are coming to Tennessee State I will bring my hat stretcher.
  9. I use it for .357 because it fills the case better so it's easier to verify the powder drop. Due to it's lack of availability I have purchased other powders which are available to take it's place. I will start loading them soon and will not go back as TB availability was sketchy in 2019 when I started and involved hazmat and shipping charges to aquire.
  10. Read and understand the rulebook first. Highlight areas of particular importance and those which require clarification.
  11. I hope to shoot a clean Outlaw match. It would be my first. I've shot a few with one miss. I've shot a number with no rifle misses. I've shot a couple with no shotgun reengagements. And I want a bottle of Jack. Lol
  12. I Shoot for fun and to hang out with good people. I plan on attending my first awards banquet at Tennessee State to watch some of those good people get awards. Hopefully there will be booze too. and food!!
  13. I close the lever and spray Break Free CLP in the action. It foams up and I work the lever and watch the black stuff drop out. I repeat a few times until what drops out is clean. WELL lubed. Dry patch the bore once, wrap a towel around the action and put it in the case.
  14. I have one that is 30 deg as built but as worn sags. The Chicago screw fixed it.
  15. It just makes good sense. Why lift them heavy things any higher than you have to?
  16. You can always hold your guns lower. Very easy on the shoulder.
  17. I started reloading shotgun shells last year. The Winchester hulls are drying up at the range as more shooters are reloading due to high shell prices and low availability
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