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  1. This is good advice. Personally I cant get over the ugly look of the 1858, but they are fine cap and ball revolvers. My personal preference would be an 1851 or 1860 from uberti, however.
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I miss typed and meant winchester earlier! Got my eye on uberti's 1866 yellow boy. I'm gonna follow yalls advice and meet some people and see what works for me before getting anything.
  3. I'm in Virginia, I was going to start attending matches this month to start meeting people and get a feel for SASS. thanks for the advice!
  4. I quite like cap and ball guns. I was first drawn to them because they were inexpensive but I've gone down the rabbit hole and here I am! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thank you both for the replies. I'm fairly comfortable with cap and ball, I have an uberti 1851 navy that I've shot quite a bit and was hoping to save money avoiding a kirst converter (looks like I can!) I imagine I will probably convert the pair to cartridges in the future but for now that's an investment I'm trying to avoid (I'm wrapping up college and funds are tight) Anyone else want to chime in on the clothes?
  6. Howdy yall. I've been looking into joining SASS (got Jedi TV to blame for that) but I got a few questions about the equipment. Are cap and ball revolvers fair game for the gunfighter category or am I better off converting to cartridges? As for cartridges, is 38 long colt an approved cartridge? And lastly but not least, do you need to drop some cash for a hat and accoutrements or will cheaper items do until I get more serious? The uberti Henry and cz coach gun are gonna set me back some $ so if i can save on the hat and clothing that would be ideal. I dont, however, want to buy garbage if its going to fall apart within months. Sorry if this is the wrong section for my questions!
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