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  1. Just received this 1892 from Jersey Kid, it is amazingly accurate! I love this rifle! Jersey Kid is a strait up cowboy (even if he is from New Jersey) great to do business with!
  2. Is Jim Bowie ( Cowboy And Indian Store) still in business?
  3. Hello Pardner I have 38-55 H-R Buffalo Classic in excellent condition if you are interested in a trade! I can’t send pictures till Friday night as I am away from home! Thanks
  4. I will take which ever one you decide to get rid of!
  5. Hey Pard! i want this rifle! Does it still have the Winchester logo and address on the barrel! thanks Pecos Red SASS life 19018 you can email me if you like bbbadleyjr@gmail.com
  6. Anyone know a good gunsmith that can work on a modern 94 Winchester in 44 mag. caliber?
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