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  1. Thanks guys, I finally met back up with the owner and he agreed with your concerns. I have him $30 for it. I will not shoot it, but probably clean it up and hang it in my workshop area. If I even need a part, I’ll have it. i do appreciate the time on the answering and replying.
  2. Thanks guys. Looks like a wall hanger if anything.
  3. the only reason I would cut is this is for my 11 year old. That’s a lot of fun for him to hold. The one he shot was pretty short.
  4. Sorry I fat fingered the title. It’s a 1897. he hasn’t given me a price, he asked me what it was worth. is there a way to test it or inspect it to see if it’s safe?
  5. I have a friend who found this is his dads closet and he knew I was looking for one. it very hard to cycle right now due to no oil, and it still has a full length barrel. what do I need to look for in one? what do you think of this one?
  6. dannyvp

    Which die set?

    I hope to set everything up in the next couple weeks (traveling a lot). i was planning on weighing the ammo to verify correct powder charge. A checking die maybe easier and automatic though. I’ll look into that.
  7. dannyvp

    Which die set?

    So I received an RCBS 2 dies set, and the 3 die in the powder drop. the guy suggested I just buy the Lee crimper die.
  8. dannyvp

    Which die set?

    Will these 4 die sets work with a Dillon 450?
  9. dannyvp

    Which die set?

    Do I need the 3 die set for cowboy reloading 38 or will the 2 die set do it?
  10. I’ll take shirt #2 for my boy!
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