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  1. Metal lined? Between 2 pieces of leather I’m assuming so that the “pocket” stays “round” for the pistol?
  2. So what makes good quality belts and holsters? what details are important.
  3. I ordered a few firearms today. a Rossi rifle, cimmaron lightening and cimmaron pistola to try out. ill post an update and pictures soon!
  4. Ahhhh thanks, that makes sense.
  5. I keep seeing pre safety Rossi rifles. can a Rossi be bought without a safety now? whats the advantages to no safety?
  6. I’ve got a call into my gun store to start looking at some prices. Im outside of Detroit this week, and there is a Cabela’s up here, so I may stop into see what they have. i think at least the older boy and I can share guns. The younger one maybe able to share pistols also.
  7. Does the Henry advice go toward 22’s also?
  8. The 11 year old shot some 38 lightening pistols the other day and did excellent with them. When I mentioned 22’s he kinda turned up his nose. he wanted to shoot what his big brother and I shoot.
  9. I found a stoger shotgun today for $299 today. I think it was $299. They had a 20 and a 12. im hoping to find a used marlin so that I can cut it down.
  10. WTB a sharpshooter style poncho and reg style sombrero (nothing fancy and decorated) for a 17 year old.
  11. 11 and 17. north mississippi age shooting right now I think.
  12. I’m looking into getting my boys started in SASS. We’ve been to several pawn shops and gun stores looking at firearms. Anywhere we go, will have to order guns for us. What are our most affordable entry guns? 38 cal. Pistols and rifle hammerless coach shotguns. i know it’s a open question, we have shoot several types. We can do action jobs later, right now, we just need to shoot. i have reached out at the club about used firearms. Haven’t found anything yet.
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