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  1. I may be interested in your C Sharps.  Please provide more details and pictures and maybe we could make a deal.




  2. Is your Rossi 92 in 44-40 still for sale?

    Can you tell me some more details about the rifle?  How much have you shot it?  Do you know who did the work on the rifle?  Are there many/any handling marks on the gun?  If so can you provide pictures? 


    When I started Cowboy Shooting about 20 years ago I used an original Winchester 92 in 44-40 that was worn out.  So I replaced it with a new EMF 92 in 44-40 that was nothing but problems, so I replaced it with a Marlin Cowboy.  I have always liked the looks of the 92 and would like another one but I am not sure if this is the best time for me to get one.


    Thanks in advance for any addition information you can provide.


    Curly Pete

    1. Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      Frio Canyon Ranger, SASS# 48850

      I picked this up on the Wire a little over a year ago. I've shot BP for a while and was going to go to 44-40 because it doesn't foul as easy. Got sick and haven't shot since.

      Not sure who did the work, but the gun is smooth and handles nicely. It's a beautiful gun and in very good to excellent shape.



  3. Thanks for the information, I was afraid that this was going to be the answer. Steve, I reviewed my junk email file and found your email. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. I have sent an email to Nate but have not heard back from him. She may just have to start lifting weights so she can hold up the 20" version.
  5. Is it possible to get 10 rounds in a 16" Rossi 92 in 357? I am trying to set up a rifle for my daughter who is pretty small and size and weight of the 16" carbine seems to fit her the best. I have not purchased the rifle yet because I want to be confident that I will be able to get it to work for her first. My first idea is to use 38 Short Colt brass, I am just not sure those short little cases will feed correctly out of the rifle. If they will feed correctly there should be no problem getting at least 10 rounds in the magazine. Does anyone use these little rounds in the Rossi? If so, which bullets are you using in them? If the Short Colts will not work, will the Long Colts work? The person that is selling the rifle told me that it does not feed wadcutters so are there any type of bullet that will feed in the rifle and allow 10 38 Specials to fit in the mag? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Curly Pete
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