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  1. Thanks for trying to help. These are all pistol grip stock and I’m hunting down a straight grip stock
  2. I have not been able to locate those. I see the Uberti’s or Different model or caliber Winchester’s but not the model I’m looking for. If you could be so kind as to share a link it would be much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have any inside info on when Winchester will be restocking dealers with rifles? I’m looking for a 357 sporter, straight stock, full 24” octagon barrel and color case hardened receiver. Should I wait or should I snag the 20” round barrel short rifle I managed to locate?
  4. That would be the obvious last stop, however EMF's pricing is a solid $100 more than just about everyone else.
  5. I am new here and I'm hoping some seasoned members can point me in the right direction. I have been looking hard to find EMF Alchimista 2 in 357/38 with 5.5" barrel. This seems almost impossible to find. Am I just looking in all the wrong places? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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