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  1. Arizona Gunfighter


    And don't forget the altitude you are shooting at, the barometric pressure, the temperature, time of day and how you hold your tongue. . Seriously though, experiment with what Cyprus Sun says before you do any filing on the sights, I made adjustments with my cartridges, found what worked well with my Vaqueros and left my sights alone.
  2. Well I tried the box of TCFP cartridges in my Henry Rifle this past weekend and found I could only load 9 instead of 10 because the OAL was too long. They ran just fine in my Vaqueros, so now I will shoot the 125 grain RNFP cartridges in both my pistols and my rifle. Thanks to all who posted their opinions to my OP. Since I don't reload, I am purchasing my cartridges from Choice Ammunition in Montana. I like their product and although it costs more to shoot their cartridges they run just fine in my guns with no problems. They use new brass, coated bullets and Federal Primers and are a SASS vendor.
  3. Haven't done a big match yet, lookin' forward to Bordertown this year.
  4. Casa Perez in Prescott Valley, great fajitas!
  5. THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and check out Phippen Museum on HWY 89 going into Prescott.
  6. Been there, done that. Was a skydiving instructor and jumpmaster for years. But I would like to be better at playing my guitar.
  7. Howdy Cholla, first off I don't need your free firewood as I don't have a fireplace, but I do want to welcome you to the Arizona Territory and to the Prescott area. I know you just moved here from out East or maybe the Midwest somewhere, as I have seen your posts here on the wire. I am inviting you to join myself and my pards from the Whiskey Row Gunslingers to our weekly breakfast get together at Zeke's Eatin' Place at the Frontier Village Mall every Thursday morning at 7:00 A.M. and also to join us for our monthly matches the second Sunday of each month. A great bunch of pards to shoot with and get to know. Looking forward to meeting and shooting with you.
  8. A video would have been awesome! Maybe next time.
  9. Right now I am shooting 125 gr. RNFP in both my pistols and my rifle with no problems. I'm going to get a box of TCFP to try out in the rifle. The RNFP cartridge is 1.485" OAL, whereas the TCFP cartridge I'm going to try is 1.575" OAL. I know the TCFP will run fine in my Vaqueros, but I want to run the longer TCFP cartridge in my Henry to see if it will run with no problems. Just wanted everyone's opinion including all my pards in the Whiskey Row Gunslingers who I will be having our weekly breakfast with tomorrow morning. See you tomorrow morning TB.
  10. I am infected with most of these maladies. I'm not long for this world.
  11. I am shooting .357 in my pistols and my rifle. I want to shoot one type of bullet for all my guns and will be shooting a 125 grain bullet. Which type would be preferable for both the pistols and the rifle, RNFP or TCFP and why?
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