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  1. Back in the day when I was skydiving my license plate was SKYDYV
  2. This is nothing more than liberal leftist bureaucratic over reach and needs to be stopped immediately. It was a toy gun and the child was in his own house for God's sake. Nothing is sacred anymore to the liberals who are trying to destroy our country and our way of life...remember this come November 3rd and vote for the candidate who represents our country. ( It's not Biden )
  3. Spotters and RO scored shooter as clean. Posse Leader should've consulted with RO and spotters before going to the score keeper to give the shooter a P. Did stage instructions specifically say the whole body had to be behind the table? I probably would've given the shooter the benefit of the doubt and scored it a clean stage since the PL couldn't remember which table it was. That's my .02 and I'm a new RO1.
  4. Like I said in a previous post, "This is Antifa".
  5. It's a tester for Covid-19, just spit on it.
  6. "America's New Political Parties: Antifa and Black Lives Matter"
  7. That was a beautiful sentiment Forty, glad that they left you alone to reminisce with your wife on her birthday.
  8. Forty, I agree that the P.V. post office is inconvenient and it's hard to find a place to park. A study is being done to find a place for a new post office that is more centrally located with plenty of parking. I think the old Sam's Club building that was closed down would be perfect for our new post office, pretty much centrally located on Hwy 69 with a large building to handle all the mail and packages and plenty of parking. Now as for cell and internet service, well that's another problem we face as our city continues to outgrow itself.
  9. Sorry to hear that everyone's mail is so slow, Barb and I get our mail every day, deliveries too. Nothing late or lost, but our cell service here in Prescott Valley sucks!!!
  10. On Saturday, August 29th police in Green Bay Wisconsin arrested 23 year old Matthew Banta carrying a flamethrower as he was headed to a Black Lives Matter rally. When Banta, an Antifa member who calls himself "Commander Red" was arrested, he immediately dropped to the ground in a fetal position and began crying. If this is who an Antifa Commander is, then I don't think any proud American patriot has a thing to fear with any of these young punk a$$ domestic terrorists.
  11. Cholla, save a diamondback belt buckle for me when you get some more made. I live real close in Prescott Valley and can meet with you when you get one made. PM me on the wire when you have one ready.
  12. I moved to Arizona from Illinois almost 19 years ago, never regretted the move, never looked back. God Bless the great state of Arizona!
  13. Beautiful American made grips by Altamont. I have Altamont grips on my Vaqueros.
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