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  1. One day a year they used to let us base jump from the New River Gorge bridge, don't know if they still do. It's a beautiful area.
  2. My father taught me that whenever I borrowed his tools to clean them and put them back exactly where I got them from. He had a place for every thing and knew exactly where they belonged, it was a lesson I took with me when I became a machinist and bought my own tools and toolbox. I bought good hand tools, MAC tools, Brown and Sharpe mics and calipers, all in a Kennedy tool box, you get the idea, expensive and good quality. Every tool of mine had an exact place in my tool box and I knew where every tool was when I needed it and when I was finished with my tools they were all cleaned and put back exactly where they belonged for the next time.....Thanks for teaching me that Dad. Anyway I would loan a tool to a fellow machinist if he needed to use one, with the instructions that he returned it to me the same day, cleaned and put back in my tool box exactly where he got it from (I could tell him the exact location in my tool box of the tool he needed). If the person I loaned the tool to did not return it to the exact location, cleaned, at the end of our shift, I would never loan that person a tool again. My son is now a machinist and to this day he is using every tool I owned and gave to him when I decided to no longer work as a machinist (I was a machinist for 30 years) and changed my profession to a metrologist.
  3. The Shootist is the one I like the best, but there are many more that I like.
  4. That is not what I am implying BQ, everyone sees Covid-19 in their own way and I will not be influenced by politics, fear and fake news. I take a common sense approach to this pandemic which means social distancing, and washing my hands often. I don't wear a mask because I am free to make that choice, just as you are free to make your choices depending on how you see Covid-19 and how you choose to react to politicized and hysterical media fear mongering.
  5. I do not belong to the range where my club shoots, (there is a waiting list to join the range as a member). That being said, I am a member of my CAS/SASS club but I pay $5 more since I don't have a range membership. But if I help with setting up the stages, I get that extra $5 fee waived. It's all good as far as I am concerned. AG
  6. Covid-19 is being politicized to keep the masses in control by fear and misinformation (lies). I do not submit to this lunacy because I love being a free, independent thinking man. AG
  7. Now that Trump had Blago released from prison there is now room for another corrupt Illinois politician.....of course I prefer hanging him!
  8. I am soooo glad I moved from communist Illinois to the great state of Arizona. It's too bad most of my family still live there.
  9. I've got one that has 4 dollar signs and the idiot cluster with a dumba$$ ribbon.
  10. What happens if guy A is talking to gal B and gal B pees on her pants should guy A touch gal B's pants?
  11. And you probably would have ended up like that ol' gator.
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