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  1. Welcome to the game Charlie, your Stoeger is a fine SxS for S.A.S.S. most everyone who shoots the Stoeger double shoots 12 gauge. use the Winchester XX Featherlite shells they are great for the targets we normally use, with very little recoil. The 20 gauge shotguns kick much more than a 12 gauge. As for pistols, go to a match and try differen ones as far as calibers and barrel lengths. A very good and popular pistol is the Ruger Vaquero in either .357 or .45. Your Rossi is a good rifle, but lots of us use either the Uberti or Miroku 1873. Go to some matches borrow guns and shoot them before yo
  2. I stopped smoking on 9-14-95 (it was my 46th birthday). I never say I quit smoking because I "quit" smoking 3 or 4 times before I finally stopped smoking in 1995. You really never do "quit" smoking until you are dead.
  3. I'm 71 and back when I was in high school, ('65-'67) we called them rubbers. It was a "badge of honor" back then to carry a packaged one in your wallet and after awhile you could see the distinct impression of it whenever your wallet was out. It let the other guys know that you were "doing it", even if you weren't.
  4. Today is NATIONAL DAY OF THE COWBOY!! Let's all raise a glass of our favorite drink and give a hearty "YEE HAW" to all the cowboys, past, present and future!! YEE HAW!!!
  5. My oldest son was 2 years old and being potty trained. He was sitting on the pot to do his number 2. After awhile he yelled Dad!! Dad!! so I walked in to help him when he finished and I wondered what he was so excited about. As I walked in I asked him if everything was OK and why he was so excited and yelling for me. He looked up at me and smiled and said "Poop stinks."
  6. Got mine today, nice looking badge.
  7. My Taylor Trapper made by Uberti sadly sank to the bottom of Lake Roosevelt when I dropped it while I was using it as a fishing pole.....gosh I sure do miss that '73.
  8. Shooter gets a P for shooting rifle last.
  9. Hell No!!! He's not the only one, I'm with him lock, stock and barrel.
  10. Sounds like a couple of great resolutions Forty hope they work out well for you.
  11. Congratulations to Matt Black, EOT World Champion.
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