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  1. Sent your present in the mail, hold your breath 'til it gets to you.
  2. Stoeger or Stoeger Supreme ($100 difference) get it slicked up by a good gunsmith.
  3. Today we shot the Inaugural Match of the Granite Mountain Outlaws at the Compass Training Center Shooting Range in Chino Valley, Arizona. We had a great turnout of 28 shooters split up between 2 posses. The weather was beautiful and we shot 6 stages between 2 bays. The overall winner of the Match was Robin DeVault with a total time of 100.09 seconds and a clean match. There were 6 other shooters who also shot a clean match. Match Director, Tramp, (George Lusk) did a superb job of putting this Inaugural match together. The Granite Mountain Outlaws will be shooting every 3rd Sunday of the month and Cholla has started a Facebook page that can be visited to check out our brand new CAS club. AG
  4. Can play guitar fairly well, haven't played seriously for a few months now. I have 2 Epiphones, my Hummingbird acoustic and my Johnny A electric.
  5. I see it as a P for the double tap on the 2nd from the bottom target and a miss on the top target.
  6. The Whiskey Row Gunslingers use 3 bays at our monthly shoot and we shoot 2 stages per bay. The newest club in our area, The Granite Mountain Outlaws, only have 2 bays at our disposal and we are shooting 3 stages per bay.
  7. Yes I'm on Tramp's email list, I'm also one of the score keepers along with Wolfie.
  8. Cholla, I don't do FB, I guess I should say I won't do FB, because I like my privacy and don't like sharing my life for the whole world to see. I know that the two clubs I now belong to have a FB page and I guess I will be missing out on some things. But as I see what FB is becoming and the mass exodus from FB, I don't think I will be missing too much. Besides I get a lot of my info from the SASS wire. See you there. AG
  9. Yep, we chose the same Granite Mountain the hotshots chose for our new club name in Chino Valley. In fact, Granite Mountain sits along Williamson Valley Road in between Prescott and Chino Valley. We are shooting our first official match this coming Sunday, Nov. 15th. Come on out to the Compass Training Center on Perkinsville Road and shoot with us or just come and watch us play the game. RIP to the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who lost their lives in the Yarnell fire. AG
  10. I actually understand Duffield's geometry equation. If geometry would have been as easy as his equation I would have passed geometry with an A. The geometry they tried to teach me in high school was not easy for me to understand and I got a D-.
  11. Prayers up for you and your wife, may God watch over both of you and give you comfort and peace.
  12. My first ever favorite song was "Honeycomb" which was recorded by Jimmie Rodgers and reached the Billboard Top 100 in 1957 ( I was only 8 years old then and I knew all the words and could sing the song by heart). The song was written by Bob Merrill in 1954.
  13. Howdy Cholla, I can wait for the Diamondback belt buckle, when you finally get the snake. Like the looks of your snake skin hat band and maybe do something with one of the rattles. Hope to see you at the Chino Valley match on the 15th, we can talk about it then. AG
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