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  1. I have a New Ruger Vaquero in .357/.38 with a 4.62 barrel, I like it's size and it shoots very well. I have not tuned it to run fast yet as I am still new to the game. Since your rifles are .357/.38 you probably would be better of shooting your pistols in the same caliber, otherwise you will be buying or reloading 2 different calibers of cartridges if you shoot .45 Colt pistols. Of course you will make the final decision as to what you like the best. Anyway, welcome to the game.
  2. From one greenhorn to another, WELCOME.
  3. All this politically correct sh....crap started when Comrade Obama was in office.....oops, I guess that makes me a white supremacist like the Duke, well at least I'm with good company. Guess being a white supremacist also makes me racist, homophobic, zenophobic, a misoginist and all those other liberal, left leaning, socialist, millennial snowflake buzzwords they like to throw around nowadays.
  4. Check out Cochise Leather Company, located in Cochise, Arizona. I have a gun belt/holster rig made by them and I was very pleased with their work and quality. Very reasonable prices for a new custom made rig.
  5. Mountain men back in the day called them "bufflers".
  6. I've owned a few guitars in my life, the better ones I've owned were Vox, Ibanez, Fender and Gibson. I finally sold my Gibson Les Paul to my brother his year. I still own an Epiphone Hummingbird acoustic and an Epiphone Johnny A electric and love them both. Epiphone makes a great guitar that is less expensive than the Gibson and the quality is right up there with the Gibsons these days. Can't go wrong with an Epi.
  7. I skydived out of an AN-2 a few times, a unique Russian airplane I added to the list of planes I jumped from. It took forever to climb, 30 minutes to get to 3000 ft. just for a hop-n-pop.
  8. RIP Eddie Money.....you got one ticket to paradise.
  9. Too late, I use them and they work very well.
  10. Open up checking and savings accounts in a Credit Union they typically don't charge for anything. I dropped all the large banks years ago.
  11. Love the DC-3's, the "Gooney Bird" was my favorite to skydive from. Loved those radial engines, the Harley Davidson of the skies.
  12. Well, this is the SASS wire "saloon", sometimes after a few shots of whatever the cowboys in the saloon imbibe in can cause conversations to cover a wide range of subjects. Just go with it and.....have another shot. AG
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