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  1. On February 14th Arizona became the 48th state, 109 years ago (1912). Happy Valentines Day Arizona.
  2. I dumped BOA in the 80's, they were involved in a major scandal. They are a very unethical bank.
  3. So Forty, how did ya like the snow we got a few got a few days ago? We got over a foot of it at my place in Pronghorn Ranch......it's still here but mostly melted as of today. I left Illinois in 2000 to get away from snow, lot of good it did me. You might have to move to Hawaii to get away from any snow here in the United States.
  4. I was a teen in the 60's, and we called it pot, or grass, or weed, or reefer, or MJ (mary jane). We usually rolled it in a joint or a doobie, and sometimes put it in small ornate metal pipe tp smoke.
  5. Cholla, I'll bet you sold the Dan Wesson, but what happened to the boob cake?
  6. 1. Arizona, because I live here, and Barb was born here. 2. Iowa, because I was born there. 3. Colorado, because I used to live there, and the Denver Broncos football team is there. 4. Georgia, because I used to live there. 5. Texas, because Texas just has a really cool state flag. I used to live in Illinois, but I do not like the state except all of my family lives there and I don't like their flag or anything about Illinois.
  7. I've stopped watching the news, nothing good to see, watching old western movies, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and Randolph Scott to name just a few. I'm in a better mood now.
  8. Barb got hers, direct deposit a week ago. Mine was supposed to be mailed to me on January 6th. Haven't seen it yet.
  9. Our club, the Whiskey Row Gunslingers has exactly what you are describing. You may want to contact our TG, Turquoise Bill and ask him about it: turquoisebill@cableone.net It was a club prop long before I got there. AG
  10. Started my 19th year here in Arizona on New years Day, moved here from Illinois, have never looked back.
  11. She was my favorite one on Gilligan's Island. RIP Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)
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