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  1. Take the cylinder out run a 45 cal or bigger wire bore cleaning brush through soaked in bore cleaner run through ever cylinder several times they run batches until clean and shiny. That is what I do, and my empties fall out without using the rod.
  2. If you take 20 bucks shipped, I take them. I live in Washington state

    1. JONNY T. SASS  16453

      JONNY T. SASS 16453

      I'll need to pass on your offer. Thank you

  3. Maybe someone out there did not see this so back to the top. Also looking for a pair of hen's teeth. I guess I will see which pair I find first. Happy shooten BRB
  4. They are your Rawhide Red, I sent you a pm with gold information Thank you Bear Run Butch
  5. For sale 2 pair sale imitation ivory New Model Ruger grips 55.00 shipped thanks for reading
  6. Like the title says I am looking for a pair of 45 LC Bisley style pistols. Italian mfg. Cimarron import, Ruger New Model. Prefer shorter barrel 4 something inch barrel or less, but will consider up to 5.1/2, So what ya got collecting dust. Thaks in advance Bear Run Butch
  7. I will take the 90 45 colt as long it is not Agular for 23.30 let me know where to send the gold
  8. Great I will package them ready to ship personal check is good I trust folks with a SASS number Thank you Sire
  9. Hey Worst Case Scenario the belt 38-48, shotgun slide and right-hand strong side are yours if ya want them. Thanks
  10. I would like to sell holsters and belts I bought and never used all prices are plus shipping. Top belt is new custom-made fits 38-48 with 45 cal shell loops. -------------25.00 sold Bottom belt is brand new Mernickle fits 38-42 -----------------------------------35.00 sold The right-hand cross draw is brand new Mernickle fits up to 5.5-inch gun 75.00 sold The right-hand strong side custom made fits up to 7.5 inch gun ------------35.00 sold The shotgun 12 ga slide used ---------------------------------------------------------25.00 sold 150.00 plus shipping buys all of it. I have more pic if interested
  11. Would you be interested in trading for a S&W Model 22 in 45 acp? The gun is a Thunder Ranch model and takes moon clips. If interested, I can email pics thanks Bear Run Butch

    1. Whiskey Rick, SASS#84292

      Whiskey Rick, SASS#84292

      Sorry, I don’t think so. I am trying to reduce my sizable gun inventory.

  12. I agree with Nostrum in today's market Boy Howdy start high and come down or look for a trade for something you always wanted. Now if you could find out who's initials BH are carved on it, that might make it very valuable. Say like Bill Hickock now you Talken big bucks. Good luck and good shoo ten. BRB
  13. Hey Happy I have a beautiful S&W Model 22 revolver which is a commercial model of 1917. It was called Thunder Ranch it is 45 acp cal. If you're interested, I can send pics if you send your email address. Very nice gun not manufactured anymore collector's item. For trade thanks for reading


  14. If The Blarney Kid does not take them, I will thanks
  15. Hey Mudflat make sure you are not coping the period at the end of the email address BRB
  16. Sold to Celtic Cowboy pending founds and I thank you sir
  17. Howdy SASS cowboys and cowgirls I purchased 2 of these sights for my Winchester Miroku 73"s and it is like day and night. I not sure I shot any better, but I sure could see the front sight a whole lot better lol. I cannot say enough about the fantastic customer service you will receive from On Target sights. You will be satisfied with the product. If you have old eyes or young eyes these will improve you sight picture tremendously. Thank you On Target Bear Run Butch
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