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    1861 Springfield .58
    1862 Dreyse 15.4mm
    1864 Snider-Enfield .577
    1866 Chassepot .433
    1867/77 Werndl 11x58
    1871/84 Mauser 11x60
    1873/88 Springfield 45-70
    1866-74 Gras 11x59R
    1886/93 Lebel 8x59R
    1893 Marlin 38-55
    1895 Chilean Mauser 7x57
    1908 Brazilian Mauser 7x57

    Also like fishing, basketball, biking, hiking, RC planes, guitar and drinking lots of beer
  1. Thanks, I just have an old French Gras 1874 I never fired yet and don't want to fill up the whole case with 80+grains of black powder just yet (what the standard was in 1870’s), want to try 70 grains first but need a filler for the bottle neck cartridge. 70 grains fills up to below the neckline so looking for a filler up to the neckline at least that won’t solidify and create an obstruction or pressure spike
  2. Hi I never tried activated charcoal as a BP cartridge filler yet but sounds like a good idea. Does it work well for bottleneck cartridges too? Does it burn off well?
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