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  1. The 73 is from Taylor 24” octagon short stroked with action job bought new from LongHunter. The Taylor Smoke Wagons are 4 3/4” barrel. Bought directly from Taylor and they were Taylor tuned and had LongHunter slick them up.
  2. 2 Smoke wagons and a 73 with 24” Octagon barrel. Lots of star line brass and dies included. All 3 guns have action jobs and the 73 is short stroked, all work done at Long Hunters. Original boxes included.
  3. I have the 73 with a 24” Octagon barrel also short stroked and action job by LongHunter all 3, with all of the brass and dies $2500.
  4. With a couple thousand pieces of once fired star line brass, the dies and the pistols $1200
  5. Still looking to trade? If so what are you after. I have a slightly used set of Smoke Wagons slicked up by LongHunter.
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