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  1. Dang, second in line, please
  2. I'll take #4 Wahmaker Frontier Trousers (Pictures 10,11,12,13) Medium Brown Stripe Size 38 waist, 30 ½” measured inseam Good condition $5
  3. Timing just worked out perfect for me, opened it up and there they were. Been looking for a pair, and I wasn't gonna snooze on em!
  4. Glad to see this turn out well, and a big thanks to OK Dirty Dan, a good pard who gave me the heads up on the next one to list after I missed on this one. Appreciate it, amigo!
  5. Dang it! I can't believe I missed this! I have been looking for this gun in this price range for six months! Next in line if it falls through please. Congrats Dirty Dan, that's a whale of a deal.
  6. Seconds on the hammered 12 if something falls through, please.
  7. I'll take number two, pm on the way
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