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  1. I'll take the 38-40 dies. PM on the way for payment info.
  2. I've been seriously wanting to add a 10 to the stable. After seeing this, I believe I'll wait until things get closer to normal!
  3. Having just gone through finding an old one, this is a real decent price for a shooter grade period piece. No dog in this fight, but I walked one in this neighborhood, and kicked myself for about a year afterwards when everything was going for 2800-4k. Just my unsolicited two bits.
  4. Hit up Two Gun Dan, at Coyote Moon Gunworks. I don't know if he's on here much, but his email is coyotemoon53@gmail.com, I think he's selling a pair. He's a good pard to deal with.
  5. I sent you an email with my address, I believe your inbox is full, it says you're not able to accept messages.
  6. I do want the XL shirt if BT passes, just let me know. Again, not trying to poach it from him, just sounded like he wanted 2XL. - Dallas
  7. If the blue shirt is an xl (and BT doesn't want it), I will take it. BT has first shot though.
  8. I went ahead and ordered a 43-205M from Accurate, thanks for all the help and advice! I'll still buy a MAV from someone if they're selling, just so I can try some of those as well.
  9. Thanks amigo, I'll look into them.
  10. I'm getting into casting, and the one mold I can't find is a 44 MAV big lube. I'd like a 6, but I'll take a 4, 2 whatever anyone is willing to part with. Thanks y'all! Dallas
  11. It likely says "licensed". These are made for Winchester in Japan by Miroku.
  12. Been looking at this the past couple weeks, seems like a good way to get started learning reasonable cheap.
  13. I'll take 400 pieces of 223 and 500 9mm. Pm on the way for payment info.
  14. I'll take the 45 Colt dies. I'll send you a pm for payment info.
  15. Captqueeze, shoot me a pm with what you'd like for it, and we can figure out the details. Thanks!
  16. I've never seen that type, Dave, but if it'll work with a classic turret, then I'll give it a shot. PM me what you'd like for it and we can arrange the transfer. Thanks! Dallas
  17. I'm interested in a few of the older style Lee Auto drum measures for the turret presses. The have the red hopper with the removable cap, so you can refill without taking the hopper off. In a pinch, I'll take the new clear one piece hopper style, but prefer the old. If anyone has a few laying around, I'd be happy to buy em off ya. Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dallas
  18. I'd be interested in the holster rig if you split it up and LQ takes the shotgun belt.
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