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  1. Hey Dawg, I appreciate it a bunch, I will absolutely take this, pm incoming for payment info. Thanks again, -Dallas
  2. Got the trousers yesterday, exactly as described and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!
  3. Still looking for one is these. All suppliers appear to be out until Italy reopens. Anyone have a parts gun or a backstrap in the junk drawer? Thanks for looking, -Dallas
  4. I'll take the belt and holsters. Pm on the way.
  5. I'd looked, but didn't find that check stock feature until you sent that link. Thank you for sending that!
  6. Never had much experience with eBay, but if I can't get a hit here, I'll check it out. Thanks amigo!
  7. Trying to find a Uberti steel backstrap for a Cimarron old model P. Uberti part number is 005008 (used on model p, smokewagon, cattleman to name a few). Tried Taylor's and Cimarron, both out until Italy opens back up. Anyone got one? I'd even look at a parts gun if someone has one. Thanks! -Dallas
  8. That's pretty darn nice clean one. I wasn't really actively looking, just the opportunity of a banged up one that I could use for a backup and tweak. Thanks for the heads up on that though!
  9. I might be interested in an ugly 44-40 if evil dogooder passes. I like em old and beat up (like me). Love 44-40 too.
  10. I'll take #4 Wahmaker Frontier Trousers (Pictures 10,11,12,13) Medium Brown Stripe Size 38 waist, 30 ½” measured inseam Good condition $5
  11. Timing just worked out perfect for me, opened it up and there they were. Been looking for a pair, and I wasn't gonna snooze on em!
  12. Glad to see this turn out well, and a big thanks to OK Dirty Dan, a good pard who gave me the heads up on the next one to list after I missed on this one. Appreciate it, amigo!
  13. Dang it! I can't believe I missed this! I have been looking for this gun in this price range for six months! Next in line if it falls through please. Congrats Dirty Dan, that's a whale of a deal.
  14. Seconds on the hammered 12 if something falls through, please.
  15. I'll take number two, pm on the way
  16. I'll take em. PM on the way
  17. Dang, I would have loved to get this. Between this and the Thunderer, I'd likely have a complete gun!
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