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  1. I'll see what I can find, I'm just leaving our monthly, got a couple hours drive, I'll look when I get home.
  2. This is a set of Uberti Model Ps (Old Model) in 44-40, 5.5" barrels. They are sequential serial numbers. They had an action job done by Cody Connagher prior to my owning them, (I don't have documentation other than the word of the cowboy I bought them from), but as they are the slickest, smoothest Italian guns I've ever handled, I don't have any issue believing him. A small amount of holster wear on the muzzles, no issues other than that. These are the C-O-L-T 4 click style hammers, no hammer safety. The grips are stag, purchased here on the wire. I don't recall how much I paid for them, but I think it was around $175.00 I have the original grips somewhere, and can include them if wanted. I'd like $1200 for the pair, plus $30 shipping to your ffl from me or $60 shipped from my ffl to yours.
  3. This is an 1860 Henry made by Uberti in 45 LC. I have never fired it, and based on the carrier and top of the receiver (no marks, no carrier residue or discoloration), I don't know that it ever has. The action cycles perfectly. It has a couple small safe dings on it on the underside of the buttstock, other than that it is as new to the best of my ability to discerne. I got it as part of a multi gun deal, and I don't shoot 45, so it's just been sitting in my safe. $1200 plus $30 shipped to your ffl from me, $60 including shipping if it must come from my ffl.
  4. Thanks, I'll see what I can find when I get back to the shop and post a couple more photos.
  5. I honestly don't know, I'm assuming it was cut down based on the "A" designation (traditional model, which I think were full length barrel), but I'm not terribly well versed on these. If it was cut, it was done competently. I can post a picture of the muzzle if you'd like.
  6. You've got it, I'll mark it sold, send you a PM to discuss the details, and we'll arrange shipment for whenever your ffl is back open.
  7. Yessir, they sure were yours, they're still in the same shape, and I hate to sell em.
  8. Pair of 44-40 Schofields made by Uberti. I bought them from another cowboy here on the wire a couple years ago, but ended up going the Vaquero route. I've kept them just because I really like them, but it's time to make some space. They have some slight muzzle wear and turn rings. They lock up tight, shoot great, and flip cases right out as designed. $1600 for the pair plus $30 shipping from me to your ffl, or $60 including shipping from my ffl to yours.
  9. This is a Remington Model 11-A 12 gauge, which the serial number on the bottom of the receiver suggests was made in 1915-16, but I'm not a WWI era Remington expert, so take that with a grain of salt. I got it as part of a trade, and it seems to work as intended. Normal wear for the age. Fun gun, Bonnie Parker carried the 16 ga version, I'm just outta room. $400 plus $30 shipping from me to your ffl, $60 including shipping to your ffl from my ffl.
  10. JW2000 sxs Hammered 12 ga. Not a show stopper, but a fun and functional little hammer gun. Good if you want to try it out or need a backup. Cosmetically very good, I've shot it once to ensure it worked. As such, it is fairly stiff. $250 plus $30 shipped from me to your ffl, $60 including shipping if it must come from my ffl to yours.
  11. Intrac Arms hammered 12 ga. I bought it when I thought I was going to run a hammer gun and wanted to try it out. Cleaning out the safe. The gun works, it has some dings and scratches, and some bluing wear, but nothing that seems to be a crack or a mechanical/ structural issue. Drops open very nicely and fires as it should. If you want a showpiece, keep scrolling. If you want a decent backup for your TTN, or want to shoot a hammered on a budget, it'll run you $300 plus $30 shipping from me to your ffl, $60 including shipping if you need it shipped from an ffl to you.
  12. They did, but they haven't for years. One will pop up from time to time, there's one on ebay from the late 70s- early 80s right now, they're asking around $150. For that you're money ahead getting a die set ($40) and a basic breech lock press ($80)
  13. Lookin forward to cap n ballin with you Johnny!
  14. I have that 1873 in 45 Colt that I'd take 900 for. Couple small cart dings in the forend, but a very few (and only smokeless) rounds through it. I bought it new and almost immediately switched to 44-40. Been to about four matches and sitting in the safe ever since.
  15. This is a cool new addition to an already really fun match!
  16. Big PRGF group, as well as plainsman, frontiersman, Josey Wales, and about any other style of bp shooting you could want. Absolutely not to be missed!
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