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  1. Powder coating typically doesn't provide enough lubrication to keep real bp fouling soft enough to clean easily. It's not as mission critical in pistols as rifles, but far from your best solution.
  2. @Dusty Morningwood deals with rolling blocks alot, he might have some insight.
  3. I can trade you 45 Colt brass, I think I may even have some brand new. Shoot me a pm if you're interested. Dallas
  4. If KB doesn't take these, I'd like to be next in line please. Dallas
  5. White claybusters, shooting 80 gr fffg Schutzen and 1⅛oz 7.5. Directly after the shoot, i throw a couple squirts of 70/30 water and Ballistol down the barrels to keep it wet, as I usually have about a 2-3 hour drive home. Get home, run hot water down the barrels for about 30 sec each, one pass with a bore snake, lube with Ballistol on a patch and done. About three minutes start to finish.
  6. The oddball stuff usually goes pretty fast. I always try to post here and/or in fb groups as soon as I find out.
  7. 32-20 brass available for backorder at starline, for those so inclined.
  8. Pretty sure the one I have is a Pietta, like new. I'll take a look at see in the morning if you'd have any interest in a single to pair with another.
  9. Hear hear. And be allowed to be shot gunfighter (within the same category like B Western, not creating a new one) if so desired.
  10. I have no idea what I would do with this. I can think of no justification for buying it. I need another cap gun like a moose needs a hat rack. Naturally, you'd better let me have it. I'll send you an email regarding payment. Pretty sure I have you on auto pay at this point. Dallas
  11. Right with you on the gunfighter thing.
  12. I'm not familiar with the Champeen name, but this sounds like what we call Pale Rider. Is there a difference, or is it just a regional naming thing?
  13. I don't get to shoot Plainsman near as much as I'd like, so I didn't want to break the bank on something I couldn't use for any other match. I went on GB last year, and found a New England Handi rifle in 45-70 for about $400. It does everything I need it to do.
  14. Those round counts listed are recommendations, not rules.
  15. As I read it, the new open category allows any single stack 1911. The open category looks like it won't be offered at state or above, more a way to allow more folks to shoot WB at a monthly level for a while, (or however long they want), without investing in a whole new set of guns, or for whom big bore/ high pf is a challenge. Seems like a great idea if the sport is going to grow, and more fun opened up for a lot of folks.
  16. I'll likely be getting conversion cylinders at some point. You've sure got a heck of a collection, love to see it sometime! Just don't forget your ol pal Dallas at inheritance time!
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