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  1. I'll take em, for that I could hang em on the wall and win!
  2. If you still have these, I want them. I'm good with 500 shipped, let me know.
  3. Hit me up if you still have it for next Circle R shoot!
  4. I had just checked the board, had to do something else real quick like, looked back, and it was up and gone. Tyrel, if you decide it ain't what you want after you try it out, I'd like first crack at it. Congrats on your clean shoot, pal!
  5. I'll take it for that, you do PayPal?
  6. package on stage


    tracking # 9505 5103 5251 9221 2401 42

    1. Dallas McPewPew

      Dallas McPewPew

      Thanks pard, lookin forward to getting it!

  7. Hey y'all, on the off chance anyone has one of these they'd part with. Looking for a 4 click (some of the new ones are just a slick Cattleman with a retractable firing pin) T&C Smokewagon, 45LC, 4.75 barrel. Got a good deal on one, and want to complete the pair. Thanks in advance, Dallas
  8. I'll take number #14, and put me in for backup offer on #17 if sale doesn't go through. Message me for PayPal details. Thanks!
  9. I have a pair that I might be interested in selling or trading. I have the original grips as well, (pictured are Altamont stag), they have been slicked prior to my purchasing them, I don't have much history. One has some minor pitting on the barrel from before I owned them. I also have Triple K Cheyenne straight draw holsters for them.
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