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  1. Howdy all, sorry I came late to the party, still figuring out the wire (two years later)! Hope someone sees this... Just got a deal on one of these I couldn't pass up, got it to Lassiter, and hope to have it back soon. Thanks for the video, I've had a hard time finding them, anyone have any links to other instructional videos, or other suggestions on running these guys? Thanks in advance, Dallas
  2. I'll take any 44-40 you have left (if any). No worries if gone. Thanks! - Dallas
  3. Agree completely. I can't tell you how many experienced and accomplished shooters have told me that the shotgun is where you pick up time and make the most dramatic improvements.
  4. Thanks Doc, let me know and I'll get you paid. Appreciate it! Dallas
  5. Thanks, Doc, I'll take 200 brass, unless one of the other pards is really hurting, and 400 of the 144 grn bullets. Brass is where I'm really short, but Deacon or Smokedawg, if you're main match struggling, sing out. I can get by, and I ain't trying to put a hurt on a pard in need.
  6. I have a Stoeger with a slightly loose forend, will one of these fit that make?
  7. Then I'll take that 100 if they're BP, and no further thereafter, pass on to Deacon, I'm not a greedy feller.
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