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  1. Also interested in 45 colt dies if DeaconKC doesn't take them.
  2. Received today, exactly as described. Thanks!
  3. You rang? Seriously, if these were in 44-40, I'd be all over em. I need a pair in 4 3/4.
  4. I'll take her, she's too purty to hang around a place like this! PM on the way.
  5. I think it's a cool idea, and can help make the sport more accessible/appealing to more folks without wildly diluting the spirit of the game. There are a lot of people who get really into the genre that could fit in really well with the SASS family. Sports evolve all the time, and different doesn't always equate to bad (obviously within reason). Time period is consistent, so I think it fits with SASS as long as the standards are consistent. Heck, I think could be fun to have a Mad Max style "post apocalypse western" side match sometime, but that might be going too far...
  6. I'll take 3, 6, 7, and 17 please. I'll do venmo if you can pm me your info. Thanks, Dallas
  7. Ain't mad atcha a bit, Dawg. If you end up selling em on their own, I'd like a crack at the brass. Thanks! --Dallas
  8. Any chance you've got any 45-70 brass you no longer need and want to sell?
  9. Man, I wish that 73 was in 44-40! It would be exactly what I'm looking for.
  10. I didn't see has wasn't a member, sorry about that. Withdrawn per the rules.
  11. I'll take it for $60 shipped. Pm coming your way.
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