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  1. Lookin forward to cap n ballin with you Johnny!
  2. I have that 1873 in 45 Colt that I'd take 900 for. Couple small cart dings in the forend, but a very few (and only smokeless) rounds through it. I bought it new and almost immediately switched to 44-40. Been to about four matches and sitting in the safe ever since.
  3. This is a cool new addition to an already really fun match!
  4. Big PRGF group, as well as plainsman, frontiersman, Josey Wales, and about any other style of bp shooting you could want. Absolutely not to be missed!
  5. Yes sir, Thumpelina will be there. I'll be sure to bring a few extra rounds to share the joy of the Boom!
  6. This is the must attend match of the year for bp shooters (or anyone with a shine to try it), the real deal with props, old time shenanigans, and stages that are written to be fun for all levels, ages, and categories. Great match put on by great folks at the legendary Paradise Pass!
  7. I'll take em, pm on the way. Says your box is full
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