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  1. We should be able to shoot from a couch...
  2. I double plug mostly (ear plugs and muffs). Save what hearing we have left. I make all my kids and grandkids double also!!!
  3. A little Hornady OneShot lube (or what you have available) on new cases helps a bunch. Get some inside case mouth too. Normally, after a couple loadings it shouldn't be necessary for pistol caliber brass if you have carbide sizer. Not sure about Dillon 45 Colt expander issue though (make sense).
  4. I believe much of this has already been figured out, is being done today, and is popular (but maybe not official under SASS specifically)?? To do well and win using Cody Dixon targets (eg. lever or single-shot in rifle caliber) or in Sharpshooter (eg. pistol caliber rifle on CD targets, pistols using regular rifle distance targets) you still have to go pretty darn fast. And it's a heck a lot of fun being able to bring out all sort of different firearms to try and master. Shooting CAS like "Machinegun Kelly" is fun too! And the best part is this can all be done easily within the same match.
  5. Has anyone had luck using Federal's small pistol magnum primers as replacement for the regular Federal's for CAS 38spl loads? Are they harder and/or hotter?
  6. Thanks for the replies!! I do currently have a shorter barreled solid frame purpose built 97 that my son shoots well. The second gun would be mine (son moving) and backup to first, wild bunch, etc. I've held off for many years on doing anything with the 30" and may bit longer. Thanks!
  7. I have a last year of production (1957) 97 that I'm considering to build. Good info on checking the forcing cone! Hopefully I won't be struck down by lighting for thinking of cutting the pristine 30" barrel... Thanks!
  8. Is the 97 breakdown model OK for building into a purpose built SASS competition gun? Do the breakdown models holdup as well as the solid frame guns? Thanks for any advise!
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