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  1. Sort of related/interesting: I believe the famous Jerry Miculek actually uses heaver than stock trigger return springs in his S&W double action revolvers. His finger is so fast he needs the heaver spring to reset fast enough to keep up. Most of us don't have that problem...
  2. Have a vintage (not new production) 35 Rem Thompson Contender 14” barrel in excellent condition, factory drilled and taped but no irons. Doesn’t appear to have been used much. It came on frame I wanted. I’ve been holding on to it for trading material. Also have some brass and a few factory loaded rounds. If anyone is interested I’ll get exact inventory and some pics. Message me please. I'm looking for a Win Model 12 12ga or 20ga is good condition, short barreled or 28"-30" bird gun. Also need 45 Colt and 45-70 brass.
  3. Absolutely agree. Par time is like adding insult to injury. Not necessary.
  4. A few observations from old SASS shooter that recently returned to the game: Lots of categories is good! Gives folks many options to purse their interests and abilities. Back in the day everyone shot basically the same equipment at the exact same scenarios (distances). It seems today some successful CAS clubs also run additional "out law" type categories or rules too give more options and challenges to their members. Increases the fun factor! Categories expands the types of firearms that we can play with too! (i.e. short range speed, longer range accuracy stage option, Cody-Dixon, Wild-bunch, long range, single shot rifles, bolts, 1911/other cool pistols). Now some really nice vintage lever, single, and bolt rifles come out for the longer targets options. Changing up stages some and adding bit more distance is good too! The top shooters are still going to win and probably by a bigger margin, but it will be more fun for everyone to add some variety to the stages? Pushing targets back a few yards won't change things all that much other, adding optional targets sets even better. More "shoot em as you see em" stages would be nice, especially if the targets were moved around. A good safety plus moving shotgun targets back some would be to reduce the splatter or pellets coming back at the shooters and pedestrians. Many use some type of factory bird/target shell (~1200fps plus or minus, ~3dram). I get hit by shotgun pellets fairly routinely it seems, at least more so than rifle/pistol.
  5. The rifle I have has Uberti's version of a shot stroke kit (came with the rifle, competition model). I haven't looked inside yet so not sure what all they may have done carrier or spring wise. It functions very well though so far, just needs the action/trigger lightened up some. That SlixSpring looks nice.
  6. Hello, Do it need to replace the Uberti 1873 rifle's brass lifter with a lighter aluminum lifter if I want to use the Whisper lifter/lever springs? I couldn't get the Smith Shop site to come up, but did find this note on the Online Outpost site in the Whister spring section: *The original brass carrier is usually to heavy for the springs and we recommend replacing it with a lighter aluminum carrier (we have these carriers) or machining the original brass carrier to make it lighter. The Whisper Springs are wire formed springs and may be adjusted by bending to give more or less pressure on the components. If the springs can be bent to adjust pressure (second sentence above) would this negate the need for a lightened lifter? Being very new to this rifle, any help is greatly appreciated!!
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