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  1. buckskins arrived and fit like a glove, thanks again
  2. Ill take the set for $175. Looks like you cannot receive messages, so please see if you can PM me, thanks
  3. Agree, two versions will fire 44 Colt, cimarron 9060 and 9064, either would work.
  4. Catch and release on this one, think I'm done with the longer barrel guns. Blackpowder cylinder has never been shot. I put 50 rounds through the conversion cylinder. One dent on the grip as seen in picture, otherwise like new. Conversion cylinder will ship separately. $520 shipped. Now $500 shipped. SOLD Response by PM is fastest.
  5. appreciate any leads to ones you might see at your local gun shop as well. Thanks
  6. Understand this is a long shot, but I handled a friend's copy of this gun...and you know the rest. Looking for the 44 Colt , but may consider a .45, in 5.5" barrel only. Thanks, SH
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