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  1. looking for a 22 caliber double rig for my little buckarette, she is starting to shoot me at the house now and will be shooting more and more. She has a 25 inch waist, and two heritage 22's. Don't want to spend a lot on a new one, would like to start her on a used. Anyone that may have one for sale please shoot me an email at jasonleibyusmc@icloud.com, or text me at 570-316-2632..... thank you
  2. Sheriff Sam

    age limits

    I have looked through the shooters handbook a few times and can't find the answer to a question. I hope someone can help me out. The buckaroo/buckarette category is under the age of 13, but what is the minimum age for a shooter. In the state of Pa we can have 8yr old children shooting a rifle and hunting with a mentor, I personally have had a firearm in my hand since I was 6 years old.
  3. Sheriff Sam

    age limits

    I have checked the handbook numerous times and have found no minimum limit for youngsters. I have seen 13 and under are buckaroo and buckarette, but it doesn't say what the minimum age is or where they allow children to start shooting. I know different states have different laws for hunting and age limits. I'm just wondering so that I know how young they can start shooting other than at the house with myself and her brothers
  4. when shooting frontier in any category I know that the rifle and pistol are done with black powder, does the shotgun have to be black powder as well? I can't seem to find 12 gauge shells made in black powder, and don't have the ability to reload shotgun shell yet
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