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  1. leadshot

    sharps rifle

    you got that right cypress sam, unfortunately i am an engineer to and not a lawyer. i think i could have gotten a better barrel on an h & r and saved $1600. now i am looking for a barrel maker that can cut rifle a barrel with a .373 bore. i did not want a project gun this time so i.spent the big bucks, live and learn. thanks for all the replies guys.
  2. leadshot

    sharps rifle

    i have used these forums for quite a while and received a lot of useful information. so i felt i should pass on an experience i just had in purchasing a sharps rifle. about a year and a half ago is saw an add for a pedersoli lil betsi sharps. i thought it would be a nice deer gun in 38-55. i contacted pedersoli info center for more info and dimensions to the chamber and bore so could purchase cases and bullets. they sent me a c.i.p. specification sheet, that is italy's version of saami. they said that they followed the c.i.p. specs. the specification were for a short chamber with a 6 degree transition angle from chamber to bore and a bore of .373 and grove dia. of .379 and a twist rate of 1 in 18. that all looked good so i ordered it. i spent last summer trying different loads to get a decent group with no luck. i also noticed lead spatter on the outside of the cases. i finally cast the chamber. i found the transition angle from the chamber was a sharp 45 degree angle and it was shaving lead off of the bullets. i also noticed that the camber was not in line with the bore. i contacted pedersoli customer service and was told to send the gun to their gunsmith in MO. he was very quick and i received the gun back in one week. the following is a summary of his report. bore: .373 groove: .3795 twist: 1 in 14 bore was tighter in the middle of the barrel chamber off center not more than .001 chamber shows chatter marks chamber is cut for 2.125 brass he rereamed the camber to center it and polished a radius on the 45 degree angle and polished the tight spot in the barrel. when i saw the 1 in 14 twist rate i thought he had made a mistake since both the pedersoli web sight and the info center had told me that it was 1 in 18 which is the usual twist rate for the 38-55. i checked it myself several times and i got 1 in 12. i think that is way to fast for the standard 255 grains bullet. so now i have a new sharps that cost more than any of may other firearms and it has a patched up chamber and barrel and a inappropriate twist rate. not the match grade barrel i was expecting. pedersoli has not even offered to pay the shipping cost of having to send the gun to the gunsmith. last time i checked the pedersoli web sight it still listed a 1 in 18 twist rate if any body has any experience with this twist rate shooting bullets around 255 i would like to hear what groups you have gotten. i have been trying to find barrel maker that cut rifles and can do .373 bore and .379 groove. this is a very long post hope it makes it out there. there might be others that are having the same trouble and not knowing its the rifle not the loads.
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