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  1. I expect in 5 years, it won’t be possible to buy a manual transmission in the USA in a new vehicle. Corvettes have been auto only for years, no full sized truck is available in manual, only 2 mid sized are still manual, and not sure any small suvs are manual anymore. Had fun at an event one night, had valet parking. See the kid run off to get the car, comes running back, quick huddle, then another kid runs off and brings back the car. I ask the kid who brought the car and the first kid could not drive a stick.
  2. I have an ar in 450bm and found it to be a thumper. Not a fan and have considered selling it. Building a single shot 45-70 right now to be used for subsonic hunting. One is an AR or bolt platform, the other is lever or single shot.
  3. Unfortunately with todays politics in Colorado I expect it will pass. House, senate and governor all democrat. Have had mag limits and 100% background checks since July 1 2013.
  4. If I remember correctly paintball energy is limited to 10 ftlb. For a standard 68 cal marker that’s 300 fps. Should be easy to get wax under that threshold as they are significantly less mass.
  5. Washington state should easily be overturned in the courts if they follow the heller decision. Can’t get much more common use that semi auto.
  6. Having been hit by a puck at decent speed, it’s not that much of a deterrent. Although I have read throwing something at a shooter is good at distracting them as the body will automatically track the object, Human nature. a better weapon would be a hockey puck in a tube sock and use it as a sap. Would do a world of hurt.
  7. From a basic level, 3db doubles the energy and 10 db doubles the perceived loudness. For “safe” dose levels it’s a time and db level below 140. With the 8 hr standard around 80 db. 140 is generally considered the level of instant damage. Different standards use different dose levels. Even with all that each person is different and some people can deal better with noise dose than others. There are documented cases where exposure below 140 has caused instant damage and others have been exposed to higher levels without a measurable change in hearing. In the end, wear as much protection as you can and use distance to reduce your exposure. it also appears that people can tense up a little before a shot which may offer a little extra protection, but I have never found any true testing to verify this. I did find reference to this in a test conducted on cats as they have the most similar ear physiology to humans. They drugged the cats so they could not respond to the noise and then measured damage. I have often thought this should be tested on Olympic competitive shooters as they are routinely exposed to high noise dose through training.
  8. Honestly, not a surprise. Between the lockdowns which mostly just delay people getting infected, how many people there are in China, how the new variants are more contagious, and the population density, once it gets going it’s going to explode like no one has ever witnessed. Throw in Chinese New Year and it will be huge. Over half the country normally travels for the new year. Great for spreading a virus. Also look at it this way, 1 billion is 1000 million. Even at 1 million cases a day it will take almost 4 years for everyone to catch it. Of course the daily rate will be high.
  9. I realize that, but I have also read the research. Link below. Plugs with muffs over them can offer up to about 50 db of protection. At that point bone conduction transmits the sound directly an no further protection is possible. A good plug is low 30’s and good muffs are 25+ and together they can get to 50 ish. https://hearingreview.com/hearing-loss/patient-care/evaluation/firearms-and-hearing-protection I was involved in the ipil testing of the Westone defendears and they are mid 20’s for protection if I remember right. It’s been almost 10 years ago, so I might be off by a few db. That is barely enough to get most guns under the 140db threshold for immediate hearing damage. Not nearly enough to provide full protection for a long day at the range. In the end it’s your ears and your choice of what you wear. When I was at Westone I researched all I could on impulse noise and unfortunately there is not as much as expected. Back then even getting good data on gun levels was tough as most noise meters are specifically designed to ignore impulse noise. Now there are meters designed to measure gunshot noise levels. We even went and did testing with an air cannon to get a better understanding on how our protection performed under impulse conditions. Note most nrr (not really relevant) ratings are done in quiet and only show how much they block at normal levels. Also they are usually done under experimenter fit conditions which means the person conducting the experiment makes sure the devices are fit correctly. When run under user fit conditions, which we did, the results drop. Foam plugs are notorious for not being fit correctly and offer much less than full protection as stated on the label. There was a good Australian test that showed they were on average about half (15 instead of 30) protection when users fit them. At 15 db protection you might get 1 safe shot per day. sorry for the long response, it’s something I am passionate about and the amount of incorrect information out there is huge.
  10. The scary part is how quick they hit the cars and even some that are stuck in traffic.
  11. I use a couple different solutions. For the range I wear muffs over plugs. I have both walker and pro ear gold muffs. I like the pro ear better, but they don’t amplify as loud which makes hearing speech harder. This setup offers about 45-50 db of protection. for hunting and sass I use Westone defend ear. Not sure exactly which modules I have, but they are a single program version. I have used the two program and really didn’t see any difference and probably would not pay the extra. Not a cheap solution, but I find they work well provided you don’t need more than the mid 20 db of protection they provide. I will note I was involved in bringing the product into the states at Westone. I think my ear PCs are one of the first few sets we made for development. You can even see my photo in some of the literature. My wife also has a set and uses them for clays and likes them a lot. I would not use them for extended range use with high power rifles or loud handguns like 357 mag. They simply do not offer enough protection for more than a few shots per day for those guns. The only solution that offers large round count protection is muffs and plugs.
  12. Gun clubs do size a little harder on the pw as it is pressing them into a steel sleeve vs the mec which uses a collet to resize. Brass base hulls size easier. If it hasn’t already been updated, pw offers a newer style powder seal for the hopper. Much better design.
  13. Maybe. It will pattern a lot tighter than lead. The small shot sizes seem to flow through a choke fairly easy, but a tight choke may not give good patterns.
  14. I shot some #7 on a steel plate at 15 yards. It dented the plate. I am sure if it had been sheet metal it would have gone through. Tss is amazing stuff. Used some 9’s on pheasant. Found a pellet under the skin on exit. Went all the way through, just couldn’t get out. Went to 7’s as the 9’s just put lots pin holes in the birds. I would often see the holes clean through the leg bones, like a little drill. Probably great on a head shot for turkey, but doesn’t drop pheasants with authority. The 9’s were effective, just didn’t knock them out of the air with broken bones, never lost a bird that I hit with the 9’s but they might glide off dead. even handloading it’s an expensive proposition. Last time I bought shot it was $55/lb. Made my loads about $3.50/ round.
  15. Tungsten shot is amazing stuff. Yes, you can use it on turkeys. Hal abbot has been pioneering the stuff and sells it through https://www.super18tungstenshot.com. I don’t turkey hunt, but have used it on goose and pheasants. Not cheap, but works well. In your case it would make all the difference between being able to hunt or not.
  16. Buick only exists today because gm positioned it as a luxury brand in China. It sells well and they did a good job with branding. In the us, it became an old peoples car and really lost market share. My grandfather was looking to buy a new Buick and he had the typical pamphlet from the dealer. They were touting a bunch of safety features, almost all of them had a asterisk by them. Turns out that was required by law. They were selling the car by pointing out safety features all cars had. Could tell what demographic they were targeting.
  17. Unfortunately this is far too true. Already seeing this in boats. Electronics failing in 10-20 years and no replacements available. People having to scrap engines as there is no way to fix them. Touch screens are the worst. One mfg had to go back and add a manual switch for on/off as the screens were failing and no way to turn it off.
  18. My Toyota has a clutch as well and the stock floor mat would get caught in it. Turns out they don’t have two different mats even though the design of the foot box is different. Luckily weather tech offer a clutch specific mat and it fits well. back to the original issue. Modern cars are all computer controlled. On/off, gear selection, throttle. The brakes are still mechanical, but do have a computer over ride via traction control and abs. It would be possible to have the car take over and I believe hackers have been able to do so remotely.
  19. I believe Canada in trying to do this right now. 10k Jules is what I believe has been proposed.
  20. For a while Bloomberg was paying $$ to any show that had an anti gun message. May still be doing it.
  21. Soccer also does not call all penalties if there is an advantage to the team that was offended. It used to be when I played, no extra time. Now if the “play” stops they add extra time at the end to make up for it. Not sure if that’s good or bad. football is really designed around tv now. Short bursts of action and then delay so they can show commercials. Even college hockey has got in on the tv revenue and have specific tv timeouts even if the game is not televised so the players can be used to stoppage in play. Absolutely hate it.
  22. Apple II in computer lab at school, the black ones. At home had a Vic 20, then a comadore 64. I also remember going to the computer lab with my dad where they had some sort of vax system. Also punch cards. By the time I was in college we were using dec alpha and Apple Macs.
  23. I believe it’s to draw penalties. While not a basketball fan, I have noticed the nba has become much the same, huge reactions to minor fouls. Really seemed to slow the game down. College hockey started to have the same issue and then implemented a embellishment penalty. Slowed down the theatrics.
  24. If you want 6.5cm performance in a long action, why not a 6.5-06? The 6.5 cm is basically a 6.5-08 that’s had the shoulder bumped back to handle longer bullets. There is nothing inherently special about the cm brass, as the 260 rem and 6.5 55 can all get similar ballistics. The magic is the 6.5mm bullet. High bc, reasonable weight.
  25. Colorado already has a lot of gun control, no normal sized mags, 100% background checks, red flag laws. No surprise they didn’t work. I bet they push for laws that Colorado already has on the books that failed.
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