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  1. Allie Mo and Black Hills Barb, Thank you Both!!!! I won’t bug anybody until next week. I’m sure everybody in the office is going to be tired after EOT Thanks again!
  2. Thank you both! Black Hills Barb, that is what I gathered as well, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules. I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot
  3. Hey Rowdy, just saw your comment. I’ll send ya a message here if I can figure it out. I’m still learning my way around the wire. If you don’t here anything from me, my email is JeffTucker@northidaholeather.com
  4. I sent my application off Friday. I’ve put off the fun for long enough. I’m excited to be part of the group and to get out and do some shooting. I suppose I’ll have to wait until EOT is over before I’ll know my Alias. I have a question pertaining to the Merchant Corner section on the wire: How does one become an affiliated vendor besides joining SASS? Are there other requirements before I’m allowed to post on that link? Thank you for the help and I look forward to meeting and getting to know you fine folks!
  5. Ya, it’s crazy. I was shocked there isn’t anything going on nearby. I think I’m going to join the guys in medical lake and hopefully, once I figure out what I’m doing, maybe I get get something going here at the Shoshone range. Just sent a reply to your email! Thank you! Much appreciated!!! -Jeff
  6. Runamuck, thank you!!! That may be the closest club yet! I will check them out! I sure appreciate it!!!!! -Jeff
  7. I appreciate it. Found this message on their website. Seems they don’t exist any longer. I keep finding messages similar with all local clubs except Noxon. I think that may be the last one standing nearby. This is why I was hoping to find a couple guys near me who shoot and might have been a member of one of these. I’m sure they have found new places to meet up. https://panhandleregulator.wixsite.com/panhandle
  8. Marshal, Thank you! I did check that link last week. I’ll keep searching. I seem to be right in the center of a few clubs. 2 hrs in each direction. The east point club has closed from my understanding. That was going to be my first choice. I’ll keep searching, but it looks like Noxon club in Montana might be my best choice as far as drive time. I appreciate the help!
  9. Thank you both! I sure appreciate the compliments. I started my leather shop last April and have been building holsters since day one. I am just now branching out into the CAS market and wanting to build more than just fancy holsters for hunters. May business name is North Idaho Leather. I can be found on Facebook and Instagram by the same name. My website is northidaholeather.com but it is severely lacking in gunleather listings. Mostly shoulder holsters and chest holsters listed currently. I’d be happy to answer any more questions and give contact info via direct message. Thank you!!! -Jeff
  10. Howdy all! I’m a total newbie and sold all my cowboy guns a couple years ago to start a business. Now I’m wanting to start shooting and join a club and I find myself in need of all that I sold. (Funny how that works). Looking for pistols and rifle, preferably 44’s for BP and a good double barrel. I’d consider 45’s, but would prefer 44. Let me know what you have. Cash is a little tight right now, but I’d be willing to build some custom SASS rigs in trade. I’m planning to save up and buy new, but you never know what you will find if ya don’t ask. And there might just be a few people who need high quality holsters and belts. Ive attaches a few photos of some of my work for reference . For any parties interested in my offer, I’m happy to share my business info for farther reference. Any trades will carry a full warranty on my work, just like it was a cash sale. For anybody with extra shooters who isn’t interested in my offer, please list items anyhow and I’ll scrape up the funds if you have what I need. I sure appreciate it! -Jeff
  11. Howdy! Thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself! My name is Jeff and I own a small custom leather shop in North Idaho. After making a couple of SASS rigs, I’ve been bitten by the bug and I’m finally going to join. I’ve been putting it for about 10 years and I’ve run out of excuses. I’m completely new and don’t have an alias yet. Looking for a club. Any Idaho folks on here near Coeur D’Alene or the Silver Valley? I’d sure like to meet some local folks who would be willing to recomend a good club and answer a few questions. I sure appreciate it!
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